DSCF1848(Just rolling for fun) 

*I was alone last night while the men in the house went to the World Champion Chicago Cubs game in Milwaukee.  The first thing i did, was have a good little cry.  Suddenly, I missed my mom.  Grief catches me by surprise.  But, it is all just part of the process.  I felt good afterwards.  One of the things my mom would say, “Just let it all out, it is o.k.” 

*Time was spent knitting on the lace portion of the shawl.  Time was spent adding twiddle things to mitts.  Time was spent chatting with Al when she called after work.  THAT was fun. 

*There was an unexpected fireworks display that I could see from my porch. 

*I had to twist something up in my brain that was bothering me.  I figured out a way.  I discovered that if Zach lived in Alaska he’d be farther away than when he lives in Mexico.  Somehow that comforted me. 

*Then I took out a good book on perfectionism, and found my new quote to live by:  Apparently the Sioux say that when you die, the first thing you ask yourself after your death is, “Why was I so serious?” 

Seriously, I’ve been way too serious lately.  So here’s to a Saturday of seeking laughter and the beauty that is so clearly all around me.   How do you do that? 

Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

16 thoughts on “Seriously…..”

  1. When Younger Son announced he was moving to Amsterdam next year to take a job there, I was fine for a few days, then very sad… for a few hours until I thought, “Tulip time in Holland!” And then I was comforted. (Still waiting to see if that move will actually happen. The new job is very similar to his present job, and he has also since announced that he is getting a tiny bit tired of doing what he is doing. Time will tell.)


  2. Slow down and enjoy what you have right around you! There is so much to be grateful for, right?!
    When a horse rolls like that-it is hard not to feel how good it is, with him!


  3. I like that quote a lot. I actually think I live my life fairly light-heartedly. That does not mean that I am ignoring the state of our country as you know I’m not. But I also like to live happily and enjoy things. 🙂 ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  4. That’s a good quote; I feel I was way too serious as a new mum which I regret a little bit but what’s done is done. I’m glad you got it all out when you were sad remembering your mum at that moment. I believe in catharsis.


  5. I would love to roll in the grass like that horse but the fire ants here would eat me alive! LOL Sometimes a good cry is just what the doctor ordered. I find myself overcome with grief like that a lot and it’s been many years since I lost my son to a car accident. It’s ok to cry when you need too. Just keep looking for that peacock though.


  6. Certainly, find that peacock…and in the meantime: roll in the grass; read a joke; and occasionally, it’s OK to let yourself “feel.” Take your time.


  7. I’ve been too serious lately too but with all I have to worry about it makes sense at the moment to fret the day away. I have to make an effort to remember I can’t control the world and what will be will be in spite of putting myself through it. I am just so tired of carrying the weight of Daddio around. He looked and sounded so good this week that I’m sure the angels that need to carry him home are nowhere near him. Sigh.


  8. I think with all the terrible things going on in our communities (and the world at large), it is getting harder and harder to have a light-hearted attitude. Seriously, I think life just wears us down sometimes and then “everything” becomes serious.

    Hope you find your “peacock” today.


  9. Serious? Yes that’s me. I’ve also been told by everyone who knows me, that I’m a world-class worrier. I have been since I was a little child. How I wish that wasn’t so. Having children living so far away just adds to my worry. This was a great post today Kathy. At least for today, I’m going to try to smile more and laugh out loud. Blessings, Betsy


  10. Too soon, most of us lose our inner child. How I long to connect with that carefree and innocent child who laughed and giggled at silly things, who loved to swing, and who walked barefoot all day.


  11. That might be the best quote ever, I am way, way to serious and I always have been. I wonder how you change all of that? I have always been jealous of those who can laugh out loud and smile all the time.


  12. Im leaving a comment on my own comments! Just read a friend saw a peacock on a rooftop in her Illinois town. Also read that a peacock is a symbol not to take yourself too seriously. Seriously? Im off to find a peacock


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