Bird and Clematis Troubles

Fireman heard this little oriole hit the window.  He’s learned since we have moved to the country, that a bird little head can recover.  I swear he spent half an hour outside or more, guarding it.  His brother, Steve, nursed a pigeon back to health when Fireman was a child.  They named the pigeon White Feather and the family story goes like this:   White Feather recovered and bonded with Steve.  Apparently, White feather flew along side Steve, to school each day.  So, I told Fireman to have a good chat with Steve while he tended to the bird.  (Steve died at the age of 34 when Fireman was only 27) The little bird was hopping and flying short distances later in the afternoon.  (There are many hawks and neighborhood cats who could easily make a meal of the oriole)  Some wild animals develop a capture myopathy of the heart and die after apparent recovery.  I think our oriole will be fine.  

DSCF1854For those of you who never had a cheese curd, oh my they are good. Smooth cheese in a little chunk that has a delightful squeak to it when you chew it.  Here in DAIRYLAND we love our cheese curds.  We don’t even have to deep fry them to enjoy them.  Although, many do!


I stopped at the nursery where I purchased my Clematis,  for more help.

Isn’t their petunia TREE amazing?  So, I brought photos as they asked, and they think the plants just got too much water what with our recent drenching rains. Clematis can be fussy they said.  I was told to cut off any crunchy dead leaves and prune the woody vine back until I saw some green.  So, I did.  I have hope. I am not to water them more than once a week.  I should watch for new growth and possible feed some fertilizer to encourage that new growth. 

In case you came by for knit news, I’ve got some!  I’m onto the charted portion of the shawl and I’m liking it.  I also finally got to change to the multi colored skein of yarn.  Gray and only gray was getting dull.  

I took a chart reading class once long ago. I did remember it helps to print the chart into  a larger copy for ease of reading.  That is really helping me. 

Happy Wednesday.  Wishing you happy plants, happy wildlife and happy knitting. 





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14 thoughts on “Bird and Clematis Troubles”

  1. I’m glad your husband protected the bird until it was well enough to fly away. We’ve had our share of birds hitting our windows too. I like charts but like to use them in addition to written directions. I loved the story of your husband and his brother. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  2. Aww! I loved the story of the pigeon and Firemans tender heart in nursing the oriole back to health. It sounds like you two are a perfect match. I’ve been enjoying watching the hummingbirds at my feeder at the lake. Last night one determined little hummingbird was trying to get nectar from the silk flowers on the table. It kept coming back over and over again, no matter how many times he was disappointed, it just kept being persistent! I’m glad you’re on to the next part of your shawl. I have never been able to master charts. Someday…
    I hope you’re having a lovely afternoon my friend. Blessings, Betsy


  3. We’ve nursed many a stunned bird back to flight health-good for your DH!
    The petunia tree is so creative-wow! Nice to know about the clematis-with so much rain, it is hard to keep track of the watering schedules! Enjoy that shawl!


  4. I have a post-it note on the window of my office ever since a goldfinch flew into it after departing the thistle feeder that was hanging nearby. No birds have hit the window since 🙂

    Re: charts. Removable highlighter tape helps you keep your place. Amazon sells it, but you can probably find it elsewhere locally, too.


  5. What a fabulous bird story – actually 2 stories…the Fireman’s brother story I love and so sweet that Fireman is watching out for his Oriole. The petunia tree is spectacular. The ones we have in a window box are going crazy – cascading down all over. Beautiful!

    So, are cheese curds like cheddar or Swiss or something else? Or all? Deep fried cheese curds sounds deadly to me – lol.

    Glad the chart reading is going well for you. I find them easier than written directions and, like Honore, I highlight rows as I complete them. Helps me stay focused.


  6. Oh…Poor little birdie. That happens alot here too. We have a lot of big windows and it seems like they are constantly flying right into them. They usually recover though but it’s upsetting to watch. That is one amazing petunia tree!!


  7. Awww….what a sweet birdie story!
    That petunia tree is amazing. The pink petunias down on the boardwalk have gone crazy this year. They are huge. We were just looking at them last night and wondering what’s up with that.


  8. Love the story of Fireman’s brother’s bird! Hope the little oriole makes it OK…TLC will do the trick. Good tip about the chart…I have also highlighted the rows as I knit them… Good luck with your clematis!


  9. Once you knit with charts it’s impossible to go back to the written word. Poor little fellow, I hope he recovers and is with his bird buddies soon. I’ve never had cheese curds.


  10. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…squeaky cheese!!!!

    Troy has such a kind heart. I hope his little oriole does well and is off and flying soon.


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