I’m Supposed to Teach You Something

DSCF1782I was reading about improving my blog yesterday.  One tip was to teach something.  People like to learn.  Oh gosh, what do I know a lot about?  I know quite a bit about burning cookies, ignoring sounds my car makes, throwing in the towel with golfing, and cleaning up cat vomit.  

So today I give you some places  TO GO  where you will learn something:

-I contacted Linda at NobleKnits Yarns for permission to show their darling coin purse kit.  Linda promptly said of course:


I’m in love with this little purse. I’ve never ordered a kit.  Once I looked at the price I was thinking second thoughts.  It is 75.00.  I’ll put this in my someday pile. 

-Have I sent you to the EMPRESS OF DIRT Newsletter?  Empressofdirt.net.  She has so many great garden ideas.  Everything from which plants like each other in pretty containers, to how to’s on creating darling garden art.  She keeps it up all weary winter for you, too.

-Check out : RealSimple for their no bake cookies and cake bars. Who wants to turn on the oven in this heat?

So there you go! Enjoy.

(The sunflower is a volunteer present that found its way from the birdseed and is bringing me great joy.  I didn’t plant it, weed by it, water it or count on it.  Such a blessing!)


Author: compassionknit

I've moved from irisheyesknitters.blogspot.com to compassionknit.wordpress.com on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

18 thoughts on “I’m Supposed to Teach You Something”

  1. Save your pennies for the change purse…it is cute! Newsletter sounds like somethin’ I could use…what book did you read that gave you the advice to “teach us?”


  2. Love that little change purse – so cute. Not sure I have the patience to make one though…and it is pricey. Love your sunflower. Have a great weekend!


  3. I never thought about sunflowers much before this year. There is a patch of them in the neighborhood nearby. They are SO, SO tall and lovely and all different colors. They make me smile every time we drive by them.


  4. The change purse is adorable. It would take quite a bit of change to order the kit, though, more than the purse would hold! I’m definitely going to visit the Empress of Dirt – what a great name. Sunflowers are so symbolic of summer, and what fun to have one volunteer to shine in your garden.


  5. lol I already know how to clean up cat vomit, thanks anyway! Love the change purse, agree it is too expensive. 🙂 As for sunflowers – the chipmunks have given me a cluster of plants two years in a row, but they don’t seem to get to flower bearing stage before frost. I am sad about that. I wish they would plant them in a sunnier location for me!


  6. What a happy, happy surprise sunflower. We have huge fields of them close the lake along the highway and they make me smile each time I drive by. Love those sweet coin purses, but yikes! I could never afford that price. I’m going to check out the newsletter and Real Simple links. Thanks. But…your blog is perfect the way it is. Just like you my friend.


  7. My best recommendation for doing good blog posts is to just do what you want because what your readers like most is to learn about you. 🙂 ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  8. Another cat vomit pro here 😦 We used to have a cat that would start to gag in the kitchen (vinyl flooring) and run to the dining room to throw up on the wool Chinese rug my husband brought from Hong Kong.


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