The Anything But Yarn Swap

unnamedPal Karen, is working hard on her Butterfly/Papillion by Melchior.   Isn’t it gorgeous?  I see she likes the round stitchmarkers.  She had begun this in another size needle, and ripped the entire thing out and reknit in a smaller needle size.  I think she nailed it.

DSCF1773.jpgWe have these frogs of the miniature assortment.  They are sometimes green, white or gray.  I ‘m not sure if the same frog changes color or if they are always different colors.  One poor frog got onto the porch today and a big Maine Coon cat had a blast chasing it.

Nurse mother me, took it away from them.  Salmonella fears and all that…..

So let’s talk SWAP.  Shall we?

There was some interest when I mentioned it as one of my goals for the Year of Knitting post.

Here’s the details.   I’m the boss of this swap!  ha!

Last years dishcloth swap was a simple one and we all seemed to have fun with it.

So I think simple is key.

We will call it the:

*Anything BUT Yarn Swap

Your entire swap contents must fit in a 9.5 by 13.5 mailing envelope.  (boxes are far more expensive to mail…let’s keep the cost down)

Some ideas to fill your envelope :

*cards your swapper will love.  Themes can be knit, crochet, or anything your swap pal loves. So cat and dog and garden or camper  themes are A-OK

*Stitch markers…..who doesn’t love them or need more?


*needle point covers

*cable needles

*bags!  Small knit bags

*accessory bag/holders tins

*Non melting treats




If you are interested in this swap, please let me know.  The deadline for the swap will be mailed by The date of the Solar Eclipse Aug 21.  You have a month.





Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

14 thoughts on “The Anything But Yarn Swap”

  1. Glad you were able to save itty-bitty froggy. He’s a tiny one.

    I’m going to pass on the swap this time….not knowing what we are up to in the next month or so. Once we get settled ….I’ll be on board for some fun.


  2. I think garter looks best on a tighter gauge.

    We used to have tonnes of those little frogs around where I grew up.

    No swapping for me this time, but I hope you get lots of people joining.


  3. Your friend is kickin’ tail on that Butterfly/Papillon WIP. I saw it and said out loud, “Wow.” I’d love to join in but I am swamped. I’ll try to join in next time.


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