DSCF1754-We have a winner in the Twiddle Mitt thanks contest.  NANCY. (WyomingBreezes)   I’ll be sending out the darling flower project bag prize this week. Again, thanks to all who so were so generous and made mitts for the Memory unit.

-I’m loving my new shawl project.  I’ll be switching to the SUGAR SHACK colorway pretty soon.

-Beatles is behaving much better.  No accidents since last week. DSCF1753

-using these Kitty Kaps in their drinking water.   They have  b vitamins, valeria root and other ingredients to reduce stress

-Either the scale is stuck or I am maintaining my weight.  I’m still counting points daily.  My family hears me say, “Too many points” at least once a day as I turn something wonderfully delicious down.

-The Barn has asked me to fill a vacancy on their Volunteer Staff.  They need a new writer for the Newsletter that is sent to sponsors.  I had mentioned my blog to someone there and there you go.

-I’m meeting with the Director Friday to see precisely what is involved.  Having just come off the Board at the Shelter back in Illinois, I am cautious about taking things on.  At first glance, however, it seems like a good fit.  Could be fun as I would BE the voice of the horses.  Advice?


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14 thoughts on “Tidbits”

  1. Woo-Hoo! Congratulations to Nancy. And your shawl Kathy is gonna be gorgeous! Love it. So glad Beatles is behaving better. I did (finally) hear back from my son, and the litter he and Mailing use for their cats is Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract. They say it works miracles and is a life saver (both of their cats were misbehaving). No advice on the horse request except to go with your gut instinct. I bet you’d be great at it though…just sayin’…..


  2. Go for the writing gig! You’re a great writer, and being the voice of horses would be so much fun. Writing is a great volunteer activity because you can do it on your couch!
    Your shawl is looking beautiful. It will be fun to see the new colors added.


  3. Woo hoo! Congratulations to Nanc on winning the bag. I know she’s going to love it with all of the projects she has on the go all of the time. I like the yarn that you’ve chosen to be next on your shawl. It’s going to be so pretty. I’m also glad Beatles is better. And I hear you on the points! With our trip to Omaha I was severely off track and I’m struggling this week to get back on points. Good and happy thoughts would be appreciated I have to weigh in again on Thursday! Uh-oh! I think you would be a fabulous writer for the horses. You have such compassion and caring for animals. But only you can know how much to take on. Sometimes we just have to say no. Blessings always, Betsy


  4. I wish I had your self-restraint.. and congrats on holding the weight at your goal. As for the writing gig.. only you know if you’re ready for another commitment. I am the newsletter editor for the Friends of Multnomah Falls and do the whole thing including the graphic design, collecting all the articles, layout with photos and all. So writing an article would be a piece of cake! The shawl is looking fab! ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  5. That next yarn you are going to be using is beautiful. It’s going to look so pretty up against what you have already knit.

    I think you would be good at doing a newsletter. You certainly have a big heart for the animals. A newsletter wouldn’t be so strict on time. You would have a little leeway to work on it when it was most convenient for you. BUT, only take it on if you think you will truly LOVE it.

    You gave so much to so many for so long….this time of life should be all about YOU (and Troy and the kitties, of course).



  6. You just are a magnet for positions of responsibility. I would run the other way but I think it is your calling. Good luck!


  7. Whoa, how exciting that my name was drawn for the project bag. Thanks!
    Your color selection for the shawl is divine. It’s going to be quite elegant – looking forward to seeing it progress.


  8. Your shawl is dreamy-nice start and I bet you can’t wait to get to the next skein!
    If you love the idea of a deadline and it doesn’t scare you away, I think you would love writing and getting information to write about! Let us know.


  9. Congrats to Nancy, and to you on the newsletter offer! (How often is it published would be my first question. Love the new shawl start and its pretty color. Our Internet was down for 3 days, and boy am I ever behind. Glad Beatles is doing better!


  10. Congratulations to Nancy and to you too! I am sure that you don’t need any writing advice, you are already writing well on a daily basis after all. I can only give advice as a reader of a newsletter where I volunteer and that is to keep it light, but do tell what needs to be shared and don’t go on too long, but I know you will do all of that already, so what I would say is ignore the grumbles that will inevitably come because you will be doing a great job no matter what the grumblers grumble about – that is what happens where I volunteer and they are just ignored, so make sure you do that too!! Enjoy it!!


  11. Congrats on the shawl…and after your meeting, if it feels good to become the newsletter writer, go for it…and if not, politely and deliberately decline. We’re all in accord that you have the talent; I suspect the major question is: do you want to make that kind of commitment? Good luck in whatever you decide.


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