Lindsay Shawl Finish

Presenting: My Linsday Shawl.  She’s long. (18 inches)  She’s really wide. (80 inches)   She was fun to knit.  She blossomed as she blocked like you said she would. 

Knit with Lorna’s laces sock yarn for the multi colored portion, and  koigu for the stockinette.  Size 6 circulars the whole way. 

The pattern is in the new book I won from Wendy Knits;  Interweave Presents Classic Knit Shawls, 20 TImeless Designs.  

You do not want to see the pattern.   I wrote all the row counts down on the pattern.   Darlene at Needles ‘N Pins, gasped when she saw it.  For the next shawl, a simple version of a pi shawl, I’ll copy the pattern and then I’ll scribble all over it. Or use sticky notes….  In my defense, I did keep track of all the stitches and rows accurately with my sloppy notes.  

unnamed-5Must give credit to Zach, my photographer for the fence image.  Yesterday’s comment word was: Too dah loo.  My mom and Fireman’s mom said that when we parted.  That will end the comment creativity challenge for self for a few days!




Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

15 thoughts on “Lindsay Shawl Finish”

  1. So pretty! I cannibalize patterns too. I have to translate them into something that makes sense to me. I make a copy and pretty much destroy it with scribbles and sticky notes.

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  2. Wow! You whipped that out fast. And what meticulous notes you took; whenever you knit it again, you’ll be guided through count from beginning to end. Too dah loo made me smile on your last comment. It made me think of when one of my reading groups had read Sharon Creech’s “Chasing Redbird” because the grandfather had a particular phrase he would yell out.

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  3. I am getting all caught up on my reading. Love the shawl finish, the yarn from your last post and that future Tour de France winner. He may have to take his turn as Little BUddy can ride a full mile in his big wheel. Hope you are having fun with Zach.


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