DSCF1749Meet Sugar Shack and Linen.  Sweet Georgia Yarns.  The reds are really wine colored.  Tough to photograph deep wine colors as most of you know.  I’m hoping to finish the last 4 rows and cast off  my first Lindsay in the yellow.   It has been a joy.  

Now for the very NON knitting portion of today’s post:

I’m not sure what’s bothering the Beatles….could be the incredible lightening and thunderstorms that have been pretty constant for the past few days.  Could be the fireworks that started days before the storms.  Could be the fox that has reappeared twice this week.  The foxes scream wildly at night.  He’s such a sensitive thing.  I know he’s upset because he peed outside the box.  There I said it.  If there is one thing that drives me NUTS

it is accidents.  When we first moved here he had a few accidents.  I know that pets are not perfect.  I cannot stand it if my house is not really clean. I mean ridiculously clean.  But having pets means having accidents and that is what a good carpet cleaner is for, right?  I am meticulous with their boxes.  Is this TMI? My nose is acutely sensitive. THat’s a good thing. I know in an instant if there is anything amiss.  I can get completely nuts about it. Super crazy nuts about it.   OR I can clean it up and be calm about it.  

I even bought the UV light thing that you shine around the house and it turns any urine spots bright purple as you shine it in the dark.  This way I know there are no other places that have been stained.  

Cannot believe I ‘ve nearly spent a whole post on this.  How do you deal with accidents.? (by the way I NEVER yell at my animals if they have an accidents) Of course I will bring him to the vet if it happens again. 

*one more thing.  In yesterdays comments I deleted the word “I” .  Today’s word will be pretty easy to figure.



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15 thoughts on “Accidents”

  1. I have one of those lights too because Hoover is a sprayer and I go NUTs when my house smells like a dirty kitty box. I fuss at him but know it’s his nature. He’s fixed but was never litter box trained. He’s the one that just showed up a few years ago and made a home on my deck. I let him out like a dog but he will forget and go on the furniture from time to time. I have bought out Amazon on kitty cleaning products. I also just bought a GIANT kitty box because the other kitties were hanging their butts over the sides and going on the floor. I spend most of my day cleaning up after animals. Sigh….


    1. Oh thank you !!! I knew I wasn’t alone. Im sure your house is nice and clean. I know tons of others and theirhouses dont stink. Al just told me about a food called SO calm that I may see if I can try. there is tryptophan in it


  2. Tyg goes out, so we don’t have that problem. We do have a litter box in the basement in case he gets stuck in the house or we are away, but he never uses it! Marcel and Talbot though are another story. They recently started going “outside” the two litter boxes they have. Mailing found a new litter on line that has pheromones or something in it that is supposed to attract cats. It works!! There have been no mishaps for over a month now!! I’ve texted Colin for the name of it and will let you know.


    1. I use Dr Easleys sprinkle and it seems to have worked in the past. Maybe I need a box with just Dr Easleys in it till he gets less stressed. I ordered a calming capsule to sprinkle on their food. Paws crossed. Thanks for your honesty. WE are all pet lovers and well it happens. Thankfully cat pee is nasty and we can usually tell right away. Tank is on daily prozac and it worked like a charm for him. Bea does not like to be pilled, so thats not a good option. again thanks for the misery loves company


  3. AS I may have mentioned to you, we have a brain-damaged cat who started having accidents every night. Our vet recommended that we crate her at night, and this works great for us (and she is good with it too). She has a litter box in the crate and she uses it most of the time. If she doesn’t, then it is easy enough to clean. Check for urinary track infections though.


  4. Accidents happen. We clean up as best we can and life goes on. But DH and I live for the day when we can rip out the old smelly carpet and go to hardwood floors.


  5. When Tux and Mopar were near the end, we had a lot of accidents. I find all you can do is try to stay on top of it and invest in a good cleaner/odor remover.
    For younger cats, try to reduce their stressors, and if it continues, go see the vet – pretty much what you’re already doing.

    For the stress you can look into getting a few Feliway diffusers.


  6. I share your feeling on this. Have you seen the Far Side cartoon where a guy is telling his cat: “Never, ever think outside the box.” Cat “accidents” are the worst! The smell is so hard to eliminate. This is the one issue that makes me doubt the wisdom of cat pets! I wonder if it could be the weather? The storms have been pretty unbelievable.


  7. Anyone who has ever had an animal has had to deal with an accident. (Or children for that matter!) I like that you’re so honest about it. I’m much like you and want a clean, clean house. That’s why my back issues have bugged me so much. I can’t clean like I want to.

    Our kitty, George, who died a few years ago, had his first accident outside the box one week before he died. That’s how I knew there was something really wrong with him. He never, ever went outside the litter box. Also another reason why I’m afraid to get another cat. I’m afraid I won’t be so lucky. Ha! I think the new food sounds like a wonderful idea.
    Blessings, Betsy


  8. It could just be the fox. We had a cat once that would have accidents when he saw squirels outside the window. I used liguid lysol to clean after him and remove the odor. The strong stuff in the brown bottle. It worked really well. Lilly Bean hasn’t had any accidents yet but then females are usually better about that. Girl Power!! LOL


  9. Giroux has only ever had one litter box accident, but a couple of weeks ago he started vomiting every time we left the house.

    I was beginning to think it was a stress/emotional thing. But, then I remember that 1. he had eaten some leftover restaurant chicken 2. he was shedding a LOT

    I bought some hairball cookies and fresh pumpkin. Problem solved. Thank goodness. Like you, I love my cat, but boy do I hate messes on the carpet.

    Hope Beatles is doing better soon.


  10. Oh sweet Kathy I understand so completely!! Max will not go out in the rain. Add to that the fact that lightening and thunder scares him senseless-so much so he forgets that he is only supposed to do “good boy” OUTSIDE!! We have had a week of it. I mean a week of following him around with the carpet cleaner. We don’t scold or yell but we put him in another room so he does not watch us clean it up. I’ve started picking him up and holding him close to me when there is a storm. He seems so comfortable with that, he will come to me at the first clap of thunder. Our dear Macy is deaf and mostly blind now so she doesn’t care about a storm.

    Hang in there! Beatles will be fine and back to normal when the crazy weather calms down.


  11. I love the new yarns!!!! I have wanted to indulge in Sweet GA yarns for a long time!
    I think it is a universal problem for all of us cat lovers! Cats in the wild like to go pee in one area and poo in another so we make them do it both in the same-that is part of the problem. The vet is always the first line of inquiry. Then look for territory stresses. A good cleaner (even Dollar General’s Mold and Mildew) will help with eliminating odor and interfere with the ‘this is a good spot’ marker in the future! It’s part of the package!


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