Let it Rain

*First up Gardening.  You can skip it if you wish, it is followed by knittingDSCF1736It’s a funny thing about my gardening.  The things I neglect are thriving; the things I protect are …not.   We have two lovely wild apple trees in our woods.  They are just overflowing with apples.

No doubt most of the apples will be for the wildlife here and that is their purpose.  I will, however, pick a few for us and for the horses at the barn.  I ‘d like to think my pollinator houses helped the bees who helped the trees who live in the house that Kathy did not build.

We are having those heavy thunderstorms that can produce inches of rain very quickly.   If you are having them too, I hope you are dry and safe.  Ever since the big rains started,  my Clematis , newly planted, are wilting and the leaves are brown.  I think they are not going to make it.  That’s 3 plants at 15 dollars a piece and all for naught.  That’s two good skeins of yarn friends.

The Cosmos seeds, I casually dropped in the soil and forgot about are growing and look very happy.

Geraniums: blooming.  Such a no brainer

Stone crop: established and ready to bloom

Lupine; took well, but no blooms this first year

Petunias in pots, getting leggy.  I trimmed them back yesterday.

Ornamental grasses : they were split in spring and took well to new locations


This is a prize knit bag.  All of you lovelies who have created Twiddle Mitts are entered in the drawing.  I will draw soon.  I love these cheery bags.  They are thick and solid.  I know you knit them without the promise of a prize, but I want to say thanks again.  I take some time out from my shawl to keep knitting mitts.  It is a nice balance.


I’ve been challenging myself with leaving you interesting comments.  If I visit your blog you may have noticed I left some rhyming comments the other day.  It is good for my brain.  Yesterday, all comments included the word SUPER somewhere in the text.  Today I will incorporate the word “rain” into all my comments.




Author: compassionknit

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15 thoughts on “Let it Rain”

  1. Your comment challenge sounds like fun. I play mind games like that with myself while I am riding in the car. My favorite game is to make a sensible phrase starting with the 3 letters on Florida license plates. My license plate starts OFD — One Fireman’s Dinner

    It passes the time on those long drives down I-95


  2. Yardwork is never ending and can be expensive, especially if plants don’t flourish. I hope the clematis snaps out of its droop. I’ve never had luck with clematis.

    I’m sure the birds, deer and other wildlife will enjoy snacking on the apples.


  3. Ha! your apples look about like ours. I keep telling fletch that they are smaller this year and slow (very, very slow) to grow in size. Some are already turning red, but they have a long way to go. Fletch says our potatoes in the large raised bed box suddenly don’t look so good…but a volunteer one that came up in another raised bed box is thriving. go figure! That’s kind of why I let him do the gardening, along with not liking worms, etc. in the dirt – lol.

    I enjoyed seeing your rhyming comments on some blogs. A head challenge is always good. I used to do the license plate thing Dee does years ago with friends, but our phrases were always X-rated!!

    That bag is GORGEOUS!!!


  4. Isn’t that the way with Gardens? When you baby them, they don’t seem to do as well as when you just let them go. Now, I’m not one to talk. Ha! I didn’t even plant anything except marigolds this year. I just couldn’t stand the thought of bending over and weeding. There’s always next year.

    The bag is beautiful. What a sweet and thoughtful thing for you to do.
    I must’ve missed the rhyming comments during my week in Omaha. Dennis and I had fun finding different license plates on the way back on our drive. I think we spotted 39 states just driving home from Omaha. Lots of people on vacations!

    I hope you have a lovely day my friend.
    Blessings always, Betsy


  5. A tip for your clematis… they like warm leaves, but cool roots. Mulch is the key, especially when the plants are young. Heavily mulch the base so the roots stay nice and cool


  6. I would give anything for those rains. It is so hot and muggy here that the trees are dropping sap like crazy. The place is a sticky mess. I had to scrub the deck yesterday just so I could sit down my bag of fleece to wash. The bugs are going crazy too. I just got nasty bite by something and I was just outside a second. I am so sorry I broke Pup of the pee pee pad thing. I hate taking them out this time of year.


  7. We’ve been getting our fair share of storms with heavy down pours this year too. One in particular did a number on the roof that had to be repaired. So far the plants are surviving here though…especialy the grass….we are mowing every other day. I’m enjoying your comment challenge and I did notice the word SUPER yesterday in the text. Brain games are a very healthy passtime that I should engage in more frequently too.


  8. We’e hot and dry here which is good as we’re painting the farm buildings. I hope you take some photos of your gardening successes. I have an old white Clematis that seems to be dying.. I might have to replace it with a trumpet vine my sister gave me. Now I have to check my comment to see if it rhymed! LOL! ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  9. Your energy is amazing! Just the thought you put into comments is impressive. Maybe I’ll have that kind of energy if I can ever retire???
    Sometimes I’m glad I have a full-shade yard because it’s so easy. But then people mention cosmos and I would kill for a patch of sun.


  10. So sorry about your clematis plants. Maybe they take a while to take hold? Ours seems to be better each year. As Val mentioned, they do like their roots shaded and sun for the vine. It’s been dry here after all the rain and the eastern part of the state is already battling wild fires. :>( Hope you get a bit of sunshine soon, but grey skies and rain make it easier to stay inside and knit…..


  11. I cannot imagine how you will incorporate rain into a comment on my post today, but I await it with interest!! Glad your garden is growing well! Sorry that I couldn’t do a mitt for you, I just had too much else going on at the time. Another time perhaps!


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