DSCF1732What can I say?  This Lindsay Shawl is making me a very happy knit lady.  As Pride Goeth Before the Fall, I’ll stop there.   I have a tendency to mess the whole lovely thing up in the end.  (Ahem, sock toe finishes are often the worst part for me) 

So, today while I knit on this, I’ll just pretend I’m not nearing the end.  It is just knits and purls, Kathy B, just knits and purls . 

Both Al and my dear great knit pal Karen, tell me I complicate things.  I’m trying so hard not to, on all levels of my life.  Since my mom’s passing, I feel an akward sense of calm.  I keep telling myself this is good.  We don’t need drama. 

So, Simplify.  Embrace the peace.  My mom would want that.  She led a simple life in a complicated marriage.  She looked for peace all her life.  I think she is sending me some now.   Thanks MOM!!  I feel you right here with me.  It is a good feeling.  



Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

14 thoughts on “Simplify”

  1. When you posted that yellow color you intended to use for the shawl I thought it was the wrong color altogether. Now that I see it in place, I agree it was the right choice. Looks beautiful!

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  2. I’m glad you feel peace and calm. The color scheme of your shawl is neat and interesting. Almost Renaissance like like a princess walking about the castle’s garden with flowing, wavy tresses and in this yellow dress with a robin egg’s blue sash.

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  3. Avoiding drama is essential for a peaceful and happy life. I’m glad that you’ve found that balance.

    The yellow looks great with the variegated edge of your shawl. Good choice of color!

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  4. I love having a project that I am in love with and never want to end. I am so happy this one is bringing you some peace. Our relationships with our parents are so complicated that it doesn’t really end when they do. I missed my visit with Daddio last week when Mini broke down and left me stranded so I am anxious to get some wheels under me to see how he’s doing. So many worries….


  5. I think we get to a point in our lives where peace and simplicity really ARE what we need. Let the young face all the drama.

    Chill and knit, chill and knit!!!


  6. Your shawl is lovely. The colors are perfect together Kathy. Peace and calm. I’m trying for that in this chaotic world of ours. I’m so glad you’re experiencing it right now. Knit and crochet soothes my soul in a way that most other things don’t. It’s SO good to be back visiting with my friends online. I’ve missed you.


  7. What great thing to find a happy shawl project! I know there is a whole movement on ‘living in the moment’ but it is something I have always practiced before it was a thing-there is so much we miss when we don’t savor right where we are right now….
    Enjoy the knit and purls and at the end it will all work out!


  8. The shawl is looking great; your yellow was a perfect choice (even though I had voted for blue)! Glad you’re feeling peaceful, too. Hugs!


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