Therapy on a Boat


Life’s good when:

-a friend takes you out on their boat for the day

-you catch walleye and blue gill

-your son is in town and has to spend the day within the same few feet as you on a boat and appears to really enjoy it

-the weather is about as perfect as can be, 79-80 with clouds that are only for decoration in the blue blue sky

-you master the next step of your knit shawl that you were….ummmm…..kind of….not sure you could master

-you sleep soundly after a very very good day

-there is no time for T.V., news or the like

-you feel a bit restored, a bit righted, and grateful for the invitation to Boat therapy



Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

20 thoughts on “Therapy on a Boat”

  1. That sounds like a perfect day, well done for mastering your shawl, very much looking forward to seeing the finished object. Have a great weekend, Fiona x


  2. Any time you can get away from the news is a good day!! I am so happy the Tour is using up all my brain cells at the moment. It’s all getting too intense.

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    1. Stef, our friend Larry, cleans and freezes them immediately. He cooks them for us using old Bay, flour,then egg wash and then ritz crackers. He uses peanut oil to briefly fry them. THey are like potato chips when he is done. Very very mild and flaky. Absolutely wonderful

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  3. That sounds like a good day! Especially being on a boat with your son.With Seth in Vet School, I don’t see that much of him. He’s in his last year so he’s doing rotations. I think he enjoys it more than the classroom part, but he is clearly exhausted all the time!


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