Once Upon a Vegan


Al made a lovely shortbread dessert on the Fourth in Oklahoma City.  

If there is anything I love it is a shortbread anything.  Butter.  Butter. Carbs. 

DSCF1727.jpgLast night a dear friend of Zach’s came for a visit.  She is a vegan.  Zach prepared the dinner which was a sweet potato topped with chickpeas and more.  There was a nice white drizzle of I don’t know what on top and it was very good. 

I said I’d make dessert. My friend Abby is a careful eater and suggested a simple Tofu and Semi sweet chocolate( dairy free)  chip mix  mousse.  That’s a mouthful eh? Suffice to say it was a yummy dessert and I am not a tofu fan.  

His friend brought another friend who we had never met.  She was delightful.  She spent 3 years in Japan as a new grad.  I gave her Nancy’s blog site – to read her Foreign Fridays.  She suggests everyone who can , travel in their 20s. She was in Japan due to her husband’s military deployment.  

As a mom, I want my chicks near the nest.  But, they are no longer chicks.  It is good to hear that others who lived abroad relished their time there and grew.  Nancy certainly is a good example of that on Wyoming Breezes.  

unnamedWhile I waited for 

Fireman and Zach to return from Kayaking the other day, I knitted just a bit.  I fear you are going to go batty watching me knit this shawl.  It is all I want to knit.  But as I sat there alone, I saw a man go into the woods on the trail there and my radar went off.  He looked a bit sketchy which is not really fair.  Anyhow, I gathered my knitting and was headed back to my car to wait, when my family turned the river bend and I was with them again.  My mom and my friend Sandy are always reminding me to be alert and be careful.  Even out in the country.  I don’t like to be fearful, but I just had that feeling…that we are supposed to listen to.  Have you listened to your radar?  I hope so.  


Author: compassionknit

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14 thoughts on “Once Upon a Vegan”

  1. It is truly sad that one must be cautious about other human beings; that being said, I try to remind myself that life was much more dangerous a hundred (or a few hundred) years ago, what with highwaymen and all. You will never know if your caution was warranted, but you DO know that you did not have a dangerous encounter.


  2. That shawl is so pretty – I’m not getting tired of it. And I DO listen to my radar all the time. Sad that we need to, but a fact of life these days. Tofu and yummy and not two words I have used together in a sentence previously…hmmmm…


  3. Any stranger in the woods sets off my radar. I am not a very friendly or trustworthy person I am sad to say but I grew up in a tough area so it is what it is.
    #2 Son is vegan so I have to always come up with things for him to eat when he visits. That dessert sounds yummy-so does that sweet potato thing. Usually we just buy him a bag of fresh in season veggies and let him do his thing. It’s always delicious.


  4. Sounds like a good family and friends time meal, vegan or not! I’m so happy you are enjoying your knit that it is all you want to knit. That is a great feeling my friend. Reading your post got me excited to travel. I think you and Nancy have excellent perspectives and thoughts on going and living abroad.


  5. I TOTALLY believe in listening to your radar. Better safe than sorry.

    That shortbread looks absolutely lucious. I know what you mean about keeping your chicks close. I’d love if mine lived a little closer. Until he moved to Virginia, we were within a couple of hours of him and would see him every couple of months. Now it’s like once or twice a year ……and with busy schedules it makes getting together a trick proposition.


  6. Listening to your gut, to vibes, to intuition, and also being observant is essential to staying safe in today’s world. I’m glad you trusted your radar. I had a friend who advised scanning the surroundings for potential weapons that could be used to defend myself, if necessary. It pays to be cautious and proactive.


  7. The shortbread breakfast looks yummy!! I love shortbread and would /love to have the recipe.

    I frequently listen to my radar and think it is logical and reasonable for anyone to do so! I think I may have told you about the time I walked into an empty theater with my two “girls night out” friends and three men followed us in–headed straight for us. My little 5′ 3″ friend Debbie pulled her big 45 out of her big ole’ bag and the men turned around and left. I was talking the entire time and missed the whole thing. I think my radar needs work.


  8. I’m paranoid and try to not listen to every worry that runs in my head, but I agree better safe than sorry. My son is currently vegetarian, I am off and on. We try to accommodate diets whenever we can. My sister and dad are celiac. Dinners together are creative and interesting 🙂 My step mom just wen vegan too.

    Anyways. I’m with you. I want my kids near me, I could burst with the wanting!!!!


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