A Book Review: Zoo Story

DSCF1690Mail call! This area near a lake, has all their boxes in a row.  I think all the lake cottages folk  have to come up to collect their mail. Since most of them are only living there in the summer months, it seems like a nice walk to collect the mail.  We also have a mail boat you may have heard about.  The Mail for the big Mansions on Lake Geneva gets delivered by a boat runner.  The tourist boat goes around the lake and kids who have tried out to be runners, hop off to the dock, deliver the mail and have to run back to the boat because it doesn’t stop.  I think the show SUNDAY MORNING did a segment on this tradition. 

DSCF1682Far far away in the evening sky, this patriotic Hot air balloon was enjoying the calm.  This was the best shot I could get with my zoom , miles away. DSCF1695I love all the barns and farmland here.  Some nights we just hop in the truck and drive around enjoying the vast open skies and the country landscape.  

I have no knitting to show because I’m blocking the shawl right now.  I did purchase totally different yarn for my next shawl. Casting on this morning. I purchased Queensland Cairns in a greens and purples colorway.  My plan is to knit the Sweetie Shawl which is also on the bias.  

Finally, my personal thoughts/ book review on Zoo Story, by Thomas French.  Overall I’d recommend it.  I enjoyed reading about the animals and their lives in Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo.  The book is very well written in my opinion.  

Thomas French, a pulitzer prize winning journalist is the author.  He spins a story of captive animals and their lives in the zoo environment.  He also spins the stories of the animal keepers, vets and the Executive Director.  Much of the end of the book concentrates on the political and ethical challenges that revolve around the leader of the zoo, Lex.  His ego and his ‘living in his own reality’ to quote a politician, lead to his downfall at the Lowry Zoo.  

It is a challenging book that made me think quite a bit about our place and our duties on this planet we share with God’s animal creatures.  IF you need a nonfiction book for BINGO, I’d recommend it. 


Author: compassionknit

I've moved from irisheyesknitters.blogspot.com to compassionknit.wordpress.com on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

8 thoughts on “A Book Review: Zoo Story”

  1. The book sounds good…and I do have a non-fiction square on my Summer Bingo Card!!

    That row of mailboxes brought back so many memories. Summers we would stay for a month or so at a lake in VT. Every day (well Mon – Sat) we (usually one of my brothers and me) would walk down the long and twisty dirt road to the main highway and the row of mailboxes. My Dad never took a straight 4 weeks off, so he would go back and forth between PA and VT, but when in PA he would send us stuff in the mail.

    The area where you now live looks so inviting to me. So glad you are enjoying it!


  2. I look forward to seeing your blocked shawl. I’m enjoying the lacy edge on my crochet one. 7 rows to go! What a gorgeous barn you found. It seems you’re really making the most of retirement in your new community! ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  3. I had no idea that there were so many nuances to delivering mail — especially when water is involved!
    I used to love zoos, but my son has shared some of the ethical issues as he’s gone through vet school, and that has clouded my feelings. He used to want to be a zoo vet, but now he’s happier working with dogs. Apparently zoo vets make very little money because so many people want the job!


  4. What a neat job to have as a mail runner. I hope those kids are running track. Our mailboxes are outside like that but spaced out more of course. We had to put in a locking one because idiots are coming around and stealing mail while dumping what they don’t want in the bushes of corner properties. The only mailbox the husband could find was a rectangular one from the local hardware store but it works well.


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