Shawl love

This enormous pup that was at the bike races in Elkhorn a bit ago.  A pooch of that size is really something.  Oh, and I love the aqua shorts the owner is wearing.  


I hope to get to my tried and true knit Shoppe, Needles ‘n Pins today between the storms.  The worsted shawl has been a joy to knit, so I’m after soft, soft yarn in worsted.  I’ll admit it.  I need a quick fix.  I can knit one in worsted without getting bored.  I can even knit garter in worsted.

I thought garter was my enemy , but in worsted we get along fine.  Guess there is something to SEEING what you are doing.  

I love the projects that use one needle size the whole way through.  I love minimal to no shaping, or knitting that shapes itself. My mind just needs the lull of the process right now. 

WOW, I’m lazy.   That’s just where I’m happiest now with my needles.  Oh and I’m using a carbon needle with a good point.  

Wish me luck!!!  



Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

10 thoughts on “Shawl love”

  1. That is one beautiful dog. I’ve always wanted a big dog ever since I had a St. Bernard as a child. But I also like lapdogs, so I’m caught in a dilemma! Ha ha!
    I understand exactly how you feel with the worsted weight yarn. When I made my sweater it was so satisfying and so quick. I will soon begin making another one just like it only in a different color. If your knitting isn’t fun, why do it?


  2. I love a Great Dane! We actually had a brother and sister Great Danes in the blue merle harlequin coloring. We rescued them and raised them on goats milk when their mother died. I am glad you’re enjoying your shawl knitting! ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  3. That is a big dog!!! We have some Wolfhounds that walk the boardwalk from time to time. They make Pup look like a speck of dust. They are the biggest dogs I have ever seen.


  4. Fun to hear about Elkhorn! I spent quite a few summers as a camp counselor at the Chicago GS camp near there. It’s on Lake Delevan.


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