Happy Tears

FullSizeRenderAhem, wrong momma.  That’s a pig,  honey.  You need the milk from your mama goat.  Kids.  They are beyond cute to me.  They were at a little honey/produce stand in a nearby town.  We stopped to get some local honey.  

We were headed to a Little Yarn shop that I wont mention the name of.  It was supposed to be open at 9.  It was 9:45 and the sign on the door read, BE BACK AT 9!  We went to another shop that used to carry yarn but only carries quilting supplies now.  

I am used to shops being prompt, open on time and clear about their contents.  I wonder if I will become a more frequent mail order customer.   I hate to see yarn shops suffer, but they simply cannot compete if they are not customer driven.  

On a happier note, the nursing home that received the Twiddle Mitts sent me photos of their residents enjoying them. I am trying to download the video they sent me.  It makes me cry


IMG_3690I can’t dowload the video without upgrading.  But imagine, my dear pals, this woman’s wise hands, as she moves across the mitt and picks and touches it over and over.  I am overwhelmed by this and by all of you who sent mitts.  If you wish to send another go right ahead!  If you already have, I thank you. Im having a little drawing for a prized for all of you who have donated your yarn, your time, you love.  I’ll draw in August.  A pictures worth a thousand words, yes?  yes. 


Author: compassionknit

I've moved from irisheyesknitters.blogspot.com to compassionknit.wordpress.com on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

15 thoughts on “Happy Tears”

  1. I’m with you: if oyu’r ein business, BE in business! Thanks for sharing the twiddle mitts pics…heartwarming.
    PS. Poor baby kid…it did get some milky, right?


  2. So much to comment on today. I hope that baby goat found it’s own mama! And I agree with you on shops opening on time and advertising correctly with what they carry. But….. I am in love with the photos you sent about the twiddle mitts. It did bring happy tears to my eyes. The picture of the ladies hands holding the twiddle mitt. Oh my! This was priceless and I thank you. I send so many things that I make to so many places and never have the opportunity to see them being enjoyed by the recipient. I thank you from the bottom my heart for this Kathy.
    Blessings always, Betsy


  3. Happy, happy, happy!!! How wonderful Kathy that the nursing home sent you pictures AND a video – awesome. The resident holding the mitt does have beautiful hands.
    Poor confused baby goat. Reminds me of a book NanAnn (what Colin called Fletcher’s Mom) gave to Colin called “Are You My Mother?”


  4. I love that the home sent you that picture. Your heart was in those twiddle mitts; I am still amazed at the concept and its meaningful function. I promise you I will make one but will be tardy as I’ve been a slug about knitting.


  5. Yarn shop owners complain that the internet is “killing” them, but in truth . . . a lot of them are killing themselves with poor customer service.

    The shop in Jacksonville is okay, but they rarely get in any new sock yarn. Some of the yarn is the same yarn I’ve been seeing for the 5 years I’ve been going to the shop. The shop on MY side of the river went out of business a few months ago. The girl that owned it just wasn’t very serious about running a business and she got quite a few bad reviews online for now being open when she said she would be. I guess I’ll be heading to the internet too.


  6. I’ve stopped multiple times at a yarn shop in a nearby town, and it’s never been open – never! I won’t try again.

    The twiddle mitt photos are fabulous, and the video is heart-wrenching.


  7. hmmm, I was recently visiting a yarn store that was supposed to open at 10 and they opened at 10:20…I was a little irked and thought maybe I was the one being unreasonable…now I’m changing my mind! Promptness is part of the business.


  8. There are few things that annoy me as much as retail establishments that does have and keep reasonable hours. There’s a coffee shop chain in Madison like that — EVP. I refuse to go into one even when it’s open!
    I love the photo of the hands and the mitts. Such a worthwhile project!


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