DSCF1615Here are my Clematis. They are growing into the lattice nicely.  This is the best of the 3 new plants. 

There was no needle work yesterday.  I was at the Golf Outing Benefit all day for the Barn.  Lots of jobs to do and by 8 p.m. I was toast.  This is my second experience with a big Benefit for a non-profit.  Wow, this one was even more involved than the one at the Animal Shelter last fall.  Because there was a golf outing before the silent auction, dinner and live auction, it was an all day event.  We had excellent weather.  


Later today, my needles will get clicking again.  

I’m having computer issues again.  Now that the Benefit is over, I’m going to look into some options.  I’m thinking of using Fireman’s Macbook for posts and doing all my other things on my phone.  How often do you use a laptop or a pad?   IT seems silly to have an ipad, a laptop and a phone and pay for all the services.  Tips??? Ideas???

(any money saved can go to yarn money of course!!!)


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12 thoughts on “Clickless”

  1. Clematis are lovely Kathy. I have all 3: Mac; iPhone and iPad and I use them all at different times of the day and places…typing on my iPad now – it’s 8:30 am @ home. Will use the Mac later this afternoon…it’s in my office/craft room. Phone when I’m out…I only have data plan for my iPhone, not on my iPad. For it – iPad, I use whatever wifi is available when I’m out, at Starbucks or library, etc for example. Hope this helps. Rest up and enjoy stitchin today!


  2. Hmmmmm. No Apple products for me (I am too cheap). I love my android phone and it is with me at work, etc. Use it for texting and (sometimes) reading blogs. My laptop is old – about 6 years or so. I keep personal financial records on it and used it to Skype with Colin when he was living in South Korea. I have a tablet which was free when I bought my latest phone (2 years ago). I use it for quick searches when my phone screen is too small, and Fletch has downloaded hundreds of music files to it.

    Your clematis are gorgeous! Love that deep, deep blue/purple shade.


  3. I just bought a clematis exactly like that – it was half price and almost dead, so I’m hoping to bring it back to life. Apparently they like warm leaves and cool roots, so lots of sun and lots of mulch are key.

    I use a lap top mostly. I check stuff on my phone, but I prefer a full proper keyboard for writing more than a sentence. I don’t have an ipad, and don’t have a lot of use for one – I’m not a big fan of the whole “app” interface – and there are still many sites that aren’t mobile friendly, so viewing them on a mobile device is just a pain.


  4. Do you want your clematis to grow in and out of your lattice? Do plants do that naturally? That benefit sounds interesting. How did you help? With prepping and taking care of the horses? I’m mostly on the laptop here b/c the dining area is my domain since I don’t have a craft room.


  5. I have a laptop and my phone. I used my laptop for almost everything at home. I find the phone difficult for blog postings and the like. As for an I-Pad . . . no experience with one of those. If I have the laptop AND the phone an IPAD seems just superfluous.


  6. I have an iPad and an iPhone and a desktop. Blogger will only let me write posts on our desktop for some reason. But I can’t put photos on Blogger from the desktop. I use my iPad constantly. I just got a new one and it has its own data plan… unlimited for $20 a month through Verizon. I do almost everything with it except blog. I would be lost without my iPad.


  7. I love the Clematis! They are a beautiful color. I am the absolute worst person to give advice on devices. I’m the technology queen!! I use a large laptop for everyday work (too big to be portable), and switch between a Samsung Note 5 phone, four Kindles in various sizes, a Samsung tablet, and a small HP touchscreen portable laptop. If I had to choose just two, it would be the small laptop and the phone.


  8. I got rid of my laptop and bought a cheap Asus Chromebook on Amazon a few years ago. I LOVE it. I just got The Mister one when his laptop died and he loves his too. If it acts up. I will throw it away and buy another for less than I paid to have my laptop fixed. It was forever getting viruses. Chromebooks don’t need virus protection because they don’t save anything. They just do cloud which is fine by me. I send all my photos to Googlephotos and blogging from there is a piece of cake. Plus….it never gets hot. No fan. No buzz. It runs forever before it needs charging and it’s light as a feather.


  9. we have internet and a wireless router in our house. I use a macbook air, a ipad mini and I have an iphone. Only the iphone used celluar data with ATT. The ipad and the macbook air use the internet in the house.


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