DSCF1536I’m thinking of donating some baby items to a local yarn shop’s charity drive.  My mom loved babies, and I’m Twiddled out for the moment!  I’m still getting your wonderful Mitts in the mail and I’m sending them to Glen St. Andrews. They already got the first 20 mitts yesterday.  They were so very grateful!  

Today’s post is short.  Fireman and I are volunteering at the SMILES Golf Benefit today . I think it is going to be great fun.  This is the barn’s BIG fundraiser.

Forgive me if I can’t get to your posts today to leave a comment.

One last thing: Happy LONGEST day of the daylight year!!!!


Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

10 thoughts on “Shorty”

  1. Baby items are always such nice donations!
    The shawl you showed yesterday looks a lot like my Summer Camp. It would go a lot faster in worsted weight!
    I love Cascades. It is truly the workhorse of yarns. Beautiful, too!


  2. I love to take baby things to the hospital for the families who don’t have much. At least that baby will have a blanket, hat, socks and sweater to start life off with. Also, the Crisis Nursery is grateful for any and all that I donate. I know your baby things will make someone very happy.

    Last night at the lake I decided to take one last walk around the “loop” of trailers at 10:30. Everyone was in bed except me and the sky was still brightly lit to the north! I love, love, love these long summer days and don’t like to think about the short days ahead.

    Have a lovely afternoon my friend.


  3. Happy Longest Day of the Year to you, too! I hope you had a good time volunteering. Hats and mittens will be wonderful gifts for many. My BIL enjoyed the whirly bird we gave him after he parted with the birds he had in his aviary so I can imagine your Sunny bringing you joy as well. We just set up a birdbath and I am eager to see what birds come to enjoy it. xx


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