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DSCF1604Twenty Twiddle Mitts are on their way to the Nursing home in Chicago that requested 30 of them. Thank you so very much.  Ten of them were made by you! I so appreciate it.  Keep them coming if you please! 

Karen, from Wisconsin, contacted me and sent a really cute mitt.  Now:


  • the cat in the photo yesterday with her kittens is a Persian. I didn’t know they could be short haired.  This cat belongs to a vet breeder.  It is his first successful litter. I want that black kitten!
  • thanks Meredith for your comment about a good Exotic Sanctuary near you.  I’m so happy to know that there are some that are clean, spacious and better than the one I visited
  • Fireman and I went to a cycling race last night to watch.  (East Troy) It was very very fun.  The young men who ride are cray cray crazy.  They ride in a different Wisconsin town for 11 straight nights.
  • 4 dollar craft beers at the event tent.  Fireman was already happy just being there..then that!
  • Somehow we were staring at the riders going round and round the town in the designated path, and I missed that they were riding past a YARN SHOP!!!!
  • Fireman spotted it, laughed, handed me his wallet because I didn’t bring my purse along.  Let’s just say, there was a little stash enhancement that I’ll show you soon!  It was a very good night.
  • Happy Saturday! Happy Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads, Uncles and people who father us!DSCF1516

Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

12 thoughts on “Follow – Ups”

  1. That’s a neat race to watch; how hardcore these cyclists are. Your husband is wonderful to hand over his wallet. Too cute. Seeing that big box of twiddle mitts made me smile big. I looked on Ravelry; there is only one pattern that comes up for Twiddle Mitts and it’s crochet. When you anchor down the twiddle bits, do you use yarn or thread? I will try to make one after I get some dishcloths done. It will be in honor of my Auntie Gamma who passed from dementia years ago.


  2. You married a GOOD man! The comment about handing over his wallet made me laugh OUT LOUD. But, you know what? Steve would have done the very same thing.


  3. Kudos to Fireman for spotting the shop and sharing his wallet! I’m eager to see what you purchased.

    The nursing home will be delighted to receive the mitts in memory of your Mom. Well done, Honey’s Helpers!


  4. I love that Fireman saw the yarn shop first and just handed over his wallet. Dennis would have done the same. What. A fun time for both of you. And a big yay for the Teiddle Mitts off to their new homes. What a great feeling.


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