How About Some Happiness?

unnamedZach has a friend in Mexico who is a veterinarian.   His cat had kittens this week!   Now those are some freshly born babies!  I can’t wait to follow them as they grow up.  

unnamed-3Fear not! Stanley is just taking a good sleep in his stall.  He is so funny.  He comes in from pasture and just goes soundly and peacefully to sleep.  I have read that horses only sleep this way about an hour a day.  He is a very very sweet horse who is easy for new humans to learn to halter, lead and groom.  The horses at the Center have wonderful herds that they “belong” to.  They get lots of brain work and physical work.  Any nick or scratch is immediately noted and attended to.  Their stalls are kept impeccably clean.  The equine massage school gets their final grade after giving them massages.They are turned out to pasture more than they are in their stalls.    They are valued animals who work hard and are appreciated and …yes loved. 

DSCF1201Have I already shown you the little catbird that bathes in our well stump almost daily?  So sweet.  

Knitting now,

*anxious to make three more MItts and get the box of the first 20 in the mail this weekend.

*am thinking I want to knit something new, but just don’t know what.  Here are my list of constraints:

-A sweater has to be cotton and no one can wear a cotton sweater without it dragging to the ground

-I’m still mad at my last pair of socks so I have two sets of fingerless on the needles

-i’m not in a hat mood

-so many are knitting gorgeous shawls but I dont feel like blocking and intricacy.

-perhaps I need to knit a few quick dishcloths to get my quick fix and fun in order..waht is up with me?



Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

14 thoughts on “How About Some Happiness?”

  1. What a sweet post! I want to see pictures of those baby kittens growing up. And Stanley – good for him getting a snooze in! I’ve been **trying** to knit a sweater in cotton for a couple of years – it’s not working! Maybe linen is the answer? Or dishcloths.


  2. Pls do update us about the kittens. I want to hear about them. My sock WIP has been ignored; I think I need to start a vanilla one. I want to start this cotton tank but I already bought yarn this month; I’ll wait for next month. Itty Bitty Knits, Susan B. Anderson’s Ravelry group, has a hosted, monthly charity. This month is dishcloths for the Athena House which houses homeless, female veterans who are going through rough time. I think I may crochet a few because I need a change from all the knitting.


  3. What sweet little kittens and Mama is ever watchful isn’t she? Good for Stanley getting a good rest. It sounds as if the horses there have a wonderful life. I wish all animals had the same. I understand all about wondering what to make next. I feel the same way quite often. I am enjoying the shawls I’ve been making though. I always have mittens on the needles for the school children and I usually have a baby blanket in progress for the hospital. How about a lightweight baby blanket or sweater that you can donate when it’s completed? There are always places that need baby items. They’re small and lightweight. Perfect for summertime! Hope that helps a bit. Blessings, Betsy


  4. LOVE the smooshy face on the mama cat!
    When a horse sleeps lying down, it gets its deepest sleep. I’ve always envied that horses can take a quick nap while standing.
    Your “not in a hat mood” comment made me laugh.


  5. Is the daddy of the new kittens the same breed as the mom? She has a Persian face but not the long hair.. what breed is she? I’m so glad to hear of the good life that those horses have. I never block my shawls.. 🙂 ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  6. My latest shawl is in timeout as it requires concentration and focus which I don’t presently possess.

    Love the wee ones! Yes, updates would be great.


  7. That is one interesting mama cat! Her coloring is sort of a cross between calico and tortie, but then there’s that face! Do you know what she is? And her babies look so ordinary…. Hurrah for time out! That’s where my beaded shawl is at the moment as 600+ stitch rows were making me crazy.


  8. Dishcloths are my go to project between bigger projects…they kind of prime my creative pump, I think. I enjoy seeing the photos of your precious animal friends. xx


  9. Cute kitties!!!!!
    I made a summer sweater out of some cotton I got from Elann a few years ago that is just gorgeous. It was Esprit. It doesn’t drag at all and has such a beautiful shine.


  10. The kittens are adorable and I love the look on mama’s face. “Look what I did!” My favorite photo is the horse taking a nap. I would love to hug him!! Happy, happy pictures!!

    Dishcloths are always a quick, relaxing knit. I love them.


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