A Real Knit Mess

DSCF1356.jpgI really messed up these socks.  They are just for me, but dang.  I hate when I put time into something and then I see a big old mistake later.  See the goofy line mid  right foot ?  I also messed up on the three needle bind off on BOTH toes.   Somethings gotta give here.  I love knitting socks.  When I have a mishap or several as in this case, I get that defeated pain in my knit heart.  These are SIMPLE Plain top down socks and I messed them up.  I’ll wear them.  They’ll probably last a long time just to mock me!!DSCF1359.jpg

What’s a girl to do?  Cast on again.  This is Lorna’s Laces Frankensteins  Cotillion. (Shepherds sock, 80/20 Superwash)  I love this colorway and see nothing scary about it.  I see Sunflower yellows and tans with aqua highlights.  I ordered lovely square needles in their smallest size at SimplySocks.  So I’m knitting them on 3s.  These needles are slick!  I have to catch the live ones from slipping off them.  But. I . Like! DSCF1388I’m thinking I’ll rib the entire thing. We shall see. Did I mention Simplysocks will send wound yarn for no additional fee?  Whee!

 I’m going to cast on for a Twiddle Mitt now  in red.  I want to let these socks simmer while I Keep up the Mitt campaign.   I also have a pair of fingerless in malabrigos on my needles.

It is highly unusual for me to have more than one thing on my needles.  It feels good to have some choices.  I may get used to this.  Sometimes I rush the second sock just to finish it to go to something else.  Perhaps having a few things on the needles will help me avoid that finish stress. 



Author: compassionknit

I've moved from irisheyesknitters.blogspot.com to compassionknit.wordpress.com on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

12 thoughts on “A Real Knit Mess”

  1. Dang….I hate when that happens but we have all been there. Getting back on the horse, so to speak, is a good idea. As bad as you feel now will only make the next pair feel even better. Goodness knows I have plenty of experience in that department.

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  2. I knit socks all the time, and still end up with something wonky on occasion! It’s only really annoying to me when they are a gift for someone.

    I usually have socks going, and one other item. I like having a bit of variety. 🙂

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  3. I think your socks turned out just beautifully. I almost always have at least two projects going on. Right now I have another Shawl, a pair of socks, and a crochet blanket. Usually at least one project is crochet. It gives me lots of choices as to the difficulty level and how much I have to concentrate. I’ve always wondered about the square needles. I’ll be curious to see how you like them at the end of the project. Have a lovely day my friend.
    Blessings, Betsy

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  4. I, too, have multiple projects in the works with various degrees of difficulty. I can select one to fit my mood or situation. I didn’t know Simply Socks provided at service – good to know.


  5. Many knitters call that a design feature. When I give my kids a knitted article they look for the mistake(s). They call them “love muddles” and use them as a reminder that mom is not perfect so they don’t have to be perfect. Also, the foot is in your shoe and so no one will ever see it. Love you Kathy!!


  6. Darn,I hate it when knitting goes astray. Maybe you can wear them as bed or boot socks. They will keep you warm and the colors are cheery. I recently purchased some Nova cubics (square shaped) circulars and love knitting with them. I’m not going to replace all my needles but am going to keep them in mind when I need something I don’t have. (I am not sure that is possible but it does happen.) I keep about three projects on the needles that way if I get frustrated, bored, or stymied by a project I’ve got something else to work on. Every knitter has their own preferences though.


  7. You were probably distracted from something. Don’t beat yourself up. My mum forgot to pay a CC bill and that’s not like her; I told her she was probably distracted with the Red Egg party and with her dad having been in the hospital. She agreed.


  8. Pretty yarn. I think mistakes make a piece individual…I do that all the time when I stitch. Right now I have socks, a shawl and a twiddle mitt on the needles. New for me too having more than one project on the go.


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