DSCF1227This butterfly was one of at least two dozen that fed and fed all day on the last lilac in bloom.  I know someone knows the type of butterfly……..? Help? 

If I was a yarn dyer I’d dye up some yarn in this yellow with a touch of blue, orange and black.  Nature: no one does it better.   DSCF1229I washed all of my winter woolens and am drying them now for storage.  Hats, mittens, fingerless, socks and two shawls were washed.  I put some vinegar in the bath because I was told long ago that wools like a tad of vinegar in the bath. I also chucked a pair of socks that developed a hole over the winter.  Whee, now I can knit another pair. 

I took these butterflies, in all of their group, as a sign from my Mom.  I take almost everything as a sign from my Mom now.  It feels great to feel her presence all around me.  Please tell me this doesn’t fade away…..




Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

14 thoughts on “Signs”

  1. That’s a swallowtail butterfly! It’s gorgeous. The caterpillars like to eat dill or parsley, so I always plant extra dill and parsley in my garden for them.


  2. If you keep looking for them they are always there. I once found a spoon in my drawer that I’d never seen before but was identical to the pattern of my youth. Clearly my Mom had stopped by that day. I get to think of her each time I reach for it now. 🙂


  3. Your butterfly is either an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, or a Canadian Tiger Swallowtail. They are very closely related and differ on by a few spots. I’ve seen more of them this year than any other year I can remember (haven’t been able to get a pic yet though!)


  4. Isn’t it just so special to see butterflies. I haven’t seen a swallowtail around here yet, but I saw a huge Monarch butterfly the other day. It was enjoying a bit of lantana


  5. I think swallowtail butterflies are some of the prettiest. We have a lot of monarch butterflies up here. I’m glad that you feel they are a sign from your mom. I hope that you never stop feeling her presence around you.
    Blessings always, Betsy


  6. It’s so sweet that you see your Mom in the butterflies. I read The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion after I lost my Mom and seeing how others think about loss was very helpful. I am still thinking “magically” about my Mom and it’s been 17 years. I see her everywhere.


  7. That “presence” has never faded for me! Some days I can feel Carrie’s arms around me. Other times she whispers to me and always, always I can close my eyes and see her face. It is a gift from God! I often smell mom’s White Linen perfume–on a breeze or when I wake in the morning, and even Bill smells my dad’s pipe tobacco when I do. I believe your mom sent the butterflies. I’m so glad you are open to her presence.


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