Sometimes You Fail

DSCF1220Sometimes your knit is such a fail you give it as a cat bed.  I know I’m not alone in this!  When will I learn that 3 dollar yarn is really 3 dollar yarn.?   At least Mr. Beatles who Turned 6 last week, thinks I knitted it just for him.  Sorry for the black blob of a photo of him.  He doesn’t like that camera and he just photographs as a black soft blob.  So glad he loves it.

DSCF1217Vera Vera Thank you for the colorful wonderful Twiddle Mitt.  I am so happy when the Mitts arrive.  Each one is so sweet and I know they will be appreciated because they asked for 30 of them!   I think this makes 11.

DSCF1221Although my obsessive mind wants to knit Mitts continually until I’ve reached my goal, my fingers just won’t allow it.  I was starting to get unsettled when I realized I needed to knit a sock.  So I am working on this toe finish today.  That’s sock number #1.  And then I went and ordered some Lorna’s Laces from Simply Socks site.  What is it about the sock that comforts and relaxes me?  I’m going to use the grieving excuse….to go on a yarn binge.




Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

16 thoughts on “Sometimes You Fail”

  1. The Mitts are such fun…but they are a real PITA to knit – LOL. Wish I had known about these when my Mom was alive. Not sure she would have fidgeted or twiddled with one, but I would have liked to try. Your new sock is looking great! Thanks for mentioning the Simply Socks site which I had never heard of – just what I need (NOT)!! Now I have to go look. No excuse needed for a yarn binge my friend. Have fun!


  2. It looks like it was definitely NOT a failure. Mr. Beatles seems to love it! Your sock is looking lovely and I’m so glad that progress on the Mitts front is happening. Love Vera’s contribution. It’s so colorful and happy. 🙂


  3. Daddio and I had a ball with his mitt today. We used it for a game of toss and he had so much fun. I had to pry it off his arm to play with it but it was worth it to see him smile for a change. As for unexpected cat blanket, my outside huts are full of them. Especially my early weaving. It was terrible.


  4. You are spot on about sock knitting.For me, it is the predicability of a cuff, heel, toe. Sometimes I just want to knit and not have to think hard about a pattern or construction. I tend to knit the same few vanilla-ish socks though. I save lace patterns for shawls and thinking for sweater knitting.

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