June 5th, Monday Q and A

DSCF1203Here we go!  Hope you enjoy !

*1. Who or what  inspired your last Knit?  (Details below)

(Kim of Hand Eye was the inspiration for the above scarf.  I started it awhile ago and finished it last night.  Kim sent me Knitpicks Mighty yarn for a prize. She sent the purple and fuschia. I bought some pink .  This yarn is wool and acrylic and so so soft. I used about 500 yards?  The Pattern is : 134-22 Balade. (a Drops Design)  I made it in worsted not fingering.  So mine is 90 inches long instead of 72.  It starts skinny, gets wide, and skinnies back to the end point. Thank you so much KIM!!!!!!)

*2. When was the last time you saw someone pray in public?

*3. Do you have a favorite fountain?

*4. What is the price of a gallon of gas, by you?

*5. Wave pool or Ferris Wheel?

*6. What is the softest wool blend you know?

*7. Name a favorite singer who has passed away-?

*8.  What blog pal’s skills, or superpowers do you envy?

*9. How you avoid sun damage?

*10. In a word, describe your lawn chair…


My answers:

  1. already gave that answer above! Kim
  2. The judge at the horseshow on Saturday, prayed quietly  before the event began.
  3. The Fountain at the Bean in Chicago is very fun.
  4. 2.38 a gallon, Wisconsin
  5. Wave pool
  6. Knit picks Mighty!
  7. Harry Chapin.
  8. Val’s beading and designing are just amazing. But you all have special skills I admire.  Truly
  9. I stay out of the sun from 11-3 mostly.
  10. My lawn chair: heavy

Author: compassionknit

I've moved from irisheyesknitters.blogspot.com to compassionknit.wordpress.com on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

12 thoughts on “June 5th, Monday Q and A”

  1. *1. Who or what  inspired your last Knit?  It was another pair of mittens for the school kids so I guess that counts. I did finish a beautiful beaded shawl last week and I love it. It was inspired by all of the people I’ve been watching on IG make beautiful shawls.

    *2. When was the last time you saw someone pray in public? Last night. My Hubby prayed for our dinner at a restaurant.

    *3. Do you have a favorite fountain? There is one in Paris that I loved, but I can’t remember the name of it. My brain frustrates me sometimes.

    *4. What is the price of a gallon of gas, by you? $2.79 a gallon

    *5. Wave pool or Ferris Wheel? Ferris Wheel!

    *6. What is the softest wool blend you know? A Merino/Cashmere blend I used a few years ago. So soft!

    *7. Name a favorite singer who has passed away-? Karen Carpenter. She passed way too soon.

    *8.  What blog pal’s skills, or superpowers do you envy? You all have such wonderful skills but each is a bit different. It would be hard to chose. Some are great gardeners, some are wonderful cooks and many are talented needleworkers.

    *9. How you avoid sun damage? I try to stay out of it as much as possible. I’m finding that all of the medications I’m taking seem to make me extra sun sensitive.

    *10. In a word, describe your lawn chair Comfortable

    Such fun!



  2. Wow! June already! Here are my answers:

    1. YOU Kathy B inspired me. My latest project was a Twiddle Mitt that I made over the weekend (on its way to you – you should receive tomorrow).
    2. It’s been a long, long time…I won’t count church, so maybe a couple of years ago in a restaurant.
    3. I love Dee’s Lion Fountain. And, when one of my brothers lived in TX, he had a fabulous fountain on the patio by his pool. It was beautiful.
    4. As of this a.m. $2.59/gallon.
    5. Neither. I don’t “do” rides and wave pools kind of gross me out.
    6. Hmmmmm, I don’t have a particular brand in mind, but anything with Alpaca in it.
    7. Gregg Allman
    8. I don’t think I really “envy” anyone, but I would love to (re) learn how to crochet and the lace work that some people do amazes me.
    9. Having had several basil cells removed (neck and nose), I stay out of the sun these days. I always burn easily and never really used sunscreen growing up. And, I just bought a great hat at Duluth Trading Co. for when we go hiking/walking.
    10. Comfy for short durations.


  3. 1. You did! The twiddle mit was fun.
    2. Hmmm…..does the nursing home count? I got there last week during Catholic services.
    3. There is a really cool one in Georgetown (DC) near the Potomac. You can walk right through it.
    4. $2.36 at the WaWa in Annapolis.
    5. Neither. Don’t like pools or rides. I am a big sissy.
    6. Whatever Valerie uses for her sock yarn. So soft but holds up well.
    7. Jerry Garcia, I am an old deadhead. Never missed them when they were in town.
    8. Mere’s crochet skills for sure. I am not good with the hook.
    9. Not a problem for someone who lives in the woods. I can’t go out anyway because of the bugs and in the winter I am covered up.
    10. Don’t have one. See above.
    Happy Monday!


    1. I’ve been to the WaWa in Annapolis! I sure wish I had known you when I was visiting there so often. It would’ve been so much fun to get together.


  4. Twiddle Muff – inspired by Kathyb
    Hmm, that’s a difficult one to answer because I can’t remember a specific time.
    I don’t have a favorite fountain, but I adore ALL fountains. Running water is calming unless it’s due to a plumbing problem.
    $2.39 a gallon for gas in my town.
    Ferris Wheel
    I’m working with a delightful blend of merino and silk: it’s heavenly soft.
    John Denver
    Caffeine Girl has some SERIOUS talent – I’d love to sit and visit with her.
    Avoid the sun, and cover up as much as possible – something I learned much too late


  5. 1. You inspired to knit seed stitch for another person to enjoy the feel of the bumps and beads.
    2. We always pray before meals in restaurants and did last week when the family met for lunch.
    3. I’ve seen some big time European fountains but Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park, Chicago is my favorite.
    4. Gas here runs about $2.20 which is what we pay for it at the Shell Station three blocks away from us.
    5. Wave pool!!! Just give me water and I’m happy. Also, I am afraid of heights.
    6. Anything with the name Malabrigo.
    7. Andy Williams. We saw him at his Moon River Theater in Branson. Even at an advanced age he was wonderfully entertaining. (And he still had the bear).
    8. I am in awe of Nancy’s quilting skills! I’ve made three and two were okay but the last one–let’s just say I fell on my face.
    9. I don’t go out in the sun for extended periods. If I must I wear a hat and/or carry an umbrella. You can imagine how angry it made the people behind me at our granddaughters graduation. It is something my mom taught me growing up in Yuma, Arizona–NO SUN!! When she passed she was 87 and looked 60.
    10. My patio chair is a Brookstone zero gravity chair. The others on the patio are wrought iron but the Brookstone is mine!!


  6. I am usually inspired by the blogs on this ‘circle’ of friends but I am now knitting socks I saw on the Knitting the Stash podcast. As someone who prays in public, quietly, I found all the answers interesting on this subject! MS makes sunbathing like I used to do, absolutely impossible now. It is not the sunburning that I have to avoid but overheating!


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