unnamed*Big crochet hook meant two twiddle mitts yesterday.   This  is the way to go if I am to reach the goals ahead.  Fireman called it a war club.  I still have to add all the twiddlers.

*Big chance I’ll be knitting on my soft scarf as a break today.

*Big horse Norm at the barn is being retired. He’s deserving.  Over 20 years old and a decade of special needs riders.

*Big boy Beatles turned 6 yesterday.  He is the biggest love bucket.

*Big drinks by the hummingbirds today.  They are going to the potted plants as well as they did at my mother’s cabin years ago.

*Big bite in the butt after Fezzik groomed Beatles this morning.  It was all in fun and no sounds were even made.

*Big time on the screened porch yesterday.  Well after sunset.  I hear the mosquitoes are out in big numbers.  But we are well protected on the porch.  Big time thankful for that.

Happy Saturday


Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

12 thoughts on “Big”

  1. Lots of big ideas for you today. I’m glad that you found some better yarn to make the mitts with. It should make it go much faster for you. I hope you find time to knit on something fun for yourself today. Have a lovely weekend my friend. Blessings, Betsy


  2. A screened porch is a necessity in humid, mosquito country.

    I sent a muff yesterday, but didn’t have any twiddlers to add. I hope you don’t mind adding them.


  3. BIG envy for your screened in porch. The weather is gorgeous here this weekend and I’m stuck inside because of the biting buggies. Boo….


  4. Isn’t a screen porch just the most wonderful thing in the summer time!!! Living on the river, we have HUGE mosquitoes. What we DON’T have is screens. 😦


  5. We love our patio but the mosquitoes are horrible this year. We bought a BIG bug zapper and it is working great. I’m making extra sure the pups get their heart worm pills on time!!

    I love horses and consider them all to be love buckets. You are so fortunate to be close to them. The rancher behind us mostly runs longhorns in the field now but we still get an occasional horse head over the fence asking for an apple or carrot.

    As for nice weekend, all of our children are ill with this and that, and they worry me and keep me running from one to another. Add that to the fact that it has rained through the first part of the weekend and there are predictions for more tomorrow–maybe next weekend will be nice.


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