Well, Isn’t that a Smart Idea?


Today is all about some smart ideas!

*Al wanted this slip with lace that you can wear under any dress.  I found it on etsy, I believe.  Way to dress it up.

*Dee, had the smart idea to give the frogs somewhere else to play besides our hot tub.  We put out the little water fountain and we are waiting to see if it works.

*My own smart idea, was to purchase that enormous yarn at JoAnn Crafts for some Twiddle Muffs.  I decided to crochet with it, as knitting with it was very tough on the hands.  Turned out just fine.  Crochet uses more yarn though and next time I’ll buy that yarn with a 50% off coupon.  I think it could make some really cute bath rugs or cat mats.  But not at full price …

*People have sending me books to read since my Mom died.  What a good idea. I started Where Miracles Happen.   The Gift of Fear is funny because my mom was a master at worry and this book is supposed to teach you the difference between when to fear and when not to………I’ll be giving some reviews!DSCF1095

Happy Friday EVERYONE.  That week went fast.  Holiday weekends, what  a good idea!


Author: compassionknit

I've moved from irisheyesknitters.blogspot.com to compassionknit.wordpress.com on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

9 thoughts on “Well, Isn’t that a Smart Idea?”

  1. What a cute slip! Just bought the big yarn at Joanne’s and fun stuff to add to the muffs. I bet you’re right – I think cats would love that stuff!


  2. I LOVE that slip idea. In fact I was just wondering if they even made slips anymore. I haven’t seen one in ages.


  3. The slip is very cute and practical. I hope the fountain works for the frogs.

    I’m painting today and disgusted with the high-priced pain I am using! The result is anything but desirable. 🙁


  4. What a cute, cute slip. I wear dresses almost every day although mine are probably too long to add a slip like that to! The fountain is a very good idea for the frogs. I sure hope it works. What a nice lot of books that you have. My kids say I’m a master worrier too. I went to Michael’s today and stocked up on some yarn. There is a 25% off all items, even sale items until tomorrow, plus you get one item at 40% off. Pretty good deals since I go through a lot of yarn.
    Blessings, Betsy


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