What to Keep

DSCF1083This is my country, land that I love. Last night,  by Seven Thirty p.m,  the sun was still high and the horses on a nearby farm were grazing.  Hello Lovelies!


Yesterday’s Twiddle Mitt went quickly due to Betsy’s bulky yarn trick!  My mom loved Aqua blues and I picked the colorway for her.  I went to Jo Ann Crafts nearby and purchased Bernat Baby Bundle yarn .  The textures are built in.  Easy Peasy.


DSCF1089There are these beautiful wildflowers all over the place.  En masse, they are even more lovely.  We do Spring here, we just do it months after the rest of you in the South.


My sister Patti Ann had been  looking high and low for this  baby bunting pattern from years ago. Yesterday, it fell out of her pattern pile.  This was a bunting my mom and I both liked to make.  To my credit, I had never taken a class when I attempted this.  I certainly didn’t know how to weave in ends.  It looks like a toddler could fit in it!   I will keep it for a child who wants it for a baby doll someday .  Isn’t that funny ? I can’t part with an acrylic mistaken ridden bunting from 26 years ago.

You’d think I was a hoarder.  Truth is, I toss things easily most of the time.   My mother was the very same.  I have a small bag of about 20 toys and outfits from Allison and Zach’s baby days.  That’s it.  The rest got passed on and sent to charity.  When we moved, tons of books got sent to locations that wanted them.  We are not  collectors in this house. ( Ahem….except for cats, yarn and bikes.  ) Our old house in Glenview was so tiny there was no room for sentimental keepings.  It is funny though, I LOVE to see other peoples collections.




Author: compassionknit

I've moved from irisheyesknitters.blogspot.com to compassionknit.wordpress.com on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

11 thoughts on “What to Keep”

  1. It looks like you have found a perfectly relaxing place to live. Love the picture of the horse. (Wow! That just reminded me how long it has been since we have gone riding.) LOL Hope you have a wonderful day.



  2. The entire top of my closet is filled with old baby and kid things. I made a bunting very similar to that one. I’ll have to dig out a photo and post it. It’s a real hoot. I stuffed my way too big baby in it for a picture and then put the horrible thing away forever. My Twiddle Mitt is on the way. I posted it this morning. I’m on my way now with Daddio’s to see what he thinks.


  3. Beautiful horses…peaceful picture. I still have boxes from my Dad’s that I need to go through…but it won’t be today. Soon, I hope.


  4. I’ve always found it very difficult to let go of things that meant something to a loved one. The last few months however, I’ve been tossing things without much thought. I think I’m finally figuring out that it’s not the things that bring back the memories it’s what’s inside of each of us. I’m glad you found some yarn it’s working well for you.
    Blessings always my sweet friend,


  5. I noticed that all the Phlox were in bloom when I took the train yesterday – they grow en masse all along the tracks. So pretty!


  6. I wish we could keep less “stuff” than we do. We have collected things from our travels around the world and just can’t let go of it even though we don’t use it. I offered it to the kids and they all said, NO!! Thank you.” Sigh….

    I love your fiddle mitt. It’s so cute. And the bunting is adorable and, I think, well done for a first effort. A grandchild will love it as warmth for a baby doll or favored stuffy!!


  7. I Think you have to keep it. When you have a grandbaby at least one photo of the baby needs to be in that bunting. I am a keeper of things but am trying to let some things go as we will move to a smaller house one of these days and there won’t be any room.


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