Two Twiddle Mitts Arrived

DSCF1081Betsy, Simple Life of a Queen blogger, sent me two great Mitts yesterday!  See how she did it?  She knit hers flat with bulky yarn.  Smart lady.  I’m off to buy some bulky today.  

So she knit a 13 inch long and 7 inch wide strip.  She seamed it by joining the cast on and cast off edges. Then she added fun things to play with and touch! 

I love the ring she added.  This particular mitt has an angel button on it as well. (I know I said no buttons, but hers are really really securely on and too big to cause a choke hazard)

So, scattered has been my state of mind, and If you didn’t understand my Mitt thoughts, well

Betsy to the rescue.  (THANK YOU BETSY)

Nervous hands are rarely still.  So a patient can put the mitt on his/her arm and pick away and play.  


I think there was a raccoon party in our yard last night.  My fault. I put out suet because I saw chickadees coming in and out the birdhouse.  As we were falling asleep, I heard lots of clatter.  (As in:  out on the lawn there arose such a clatter, I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter) Except I was too tired to spring from my bed.  And I pretty much knew what was the matter.

Today the suet feeder is gone.  I’ll have to go search for it later.   Hummingbirds are coming regularly now and they are a thrill each visit.  The cats are used to them again, and they don’t even stretch or open their eyes when a hummy swoops in for a drink.

One more thing for this morning: When Al and Fireman and I visited the Carmelite Nuns to tell them my mom passed we brought a gift.  I decided no matter what I brought it would be fine.  My brain was on autopilot at the store.

I brought them loaves and fishes.  Well I brought them smoked salmon and crackers but I called it loaves and fishes.  The Mother Sister loved it.  I wanted them to celebrate mom’s going to heaven.  I asked her what I could bring next time, and she said, “Well,  more smoked salmon would be fine!”





Author: compassionknit

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11 thoughts on “Two Twiddle Mitts Arrived”

  1. I absolutely LOVE the loaves and fishes! Great idea. Sorry about the raccoons. They can be so mischievious. I’m so sorry about the buttons. I forgot when I put them on. I was just thinking the odd shapes would be great for fiddling with. Feel free remove them if you want to.
    Blessings always,


  2. Betsy’s fiddle mitt is bright and interesting…and thx for the instructions…I might be able to manage that; hope I have some bright bulky yarn…if not, will get some. Enjoyed your loaves & fishes story…sorry about the raccoons…they are real nuisances. Be careful!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Leave it to Betsy to knit two things up so swiftly! She’s a whiz. We just put out a suet feeder, I hope the raccoons don’t get ours. We had a little flock of Cedar Waxwings bathing in our pond and creek this afternoon. Will put a photo on my next blog post. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  4. Hmm, I think I’ve been overthinking the muff. The pattern I found on Ravelry said to knit 20 inches so it will be double thickness. It’s slow going, but I’ll continue on because I don’t want to frog it.


  5. That was a perfect gift to bring and a perfect response by the Nun. You are the best. Love Betsy’s mitt. I started mine and am about 1/2 way through. I have gathered all my twiddly bits, everything I had at home already for work!


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