DSCF1042DSCF1043DSCF1019It’s Tuesday, right?  

I love the clematis so far.  They are taking off up the lattice as we hoped.

Another frog at  the hot tub.  I have to dissuade them from going into the hot tub as they meet a certain death there.   But how?  Do they want the water?  I can give them a water fountain?  YEs ? No?

Can anyone tell me what the red flowered shrub is?

We had a fantastic long weekend with Al at home.  Still, to my surprise there were some tears on my part.  Grief comes and goes.  Al really wanted us to get matching tattoos in my mother’s memory.  I’m so glad we did.  The grands all called her HONEY.  Her license plate said HONEY.  So we have a honey bee tattoo and it gives me great comfort to look at it.  

No, It didn’t hurt.  I know there are lots of tattoo opinions out there .  Because it was Al’s idea, and she brought it up the day before my mother died, I felt it was very special.  I’m honored Al wanted us to share this.   Now I have a bracelet that won’t drive me nuts moving around as I knit.  She already got compliments from the flight attendants on her way back to OKC last night. 

unnamed-3unnamed-2and I’m on my third Twiddle Mitt.  Pictures tomorrow.


Author: compassionknit

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17 thoughts on “Honeybees”

  1. How neat that you two got matching tattoos to honor your mom. They are pretty. That is a red Weigela. Do you have a cover for the hot tub when it’s not in use? That would save the frogs from jumping in. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  2. Love the tattoos on both of you. What a beautiful picture of you and Al. You are looking thinner and thinner and younger and younger. Is there something in the air up there?????? Glad you had such a nice weekend with your girl.


  3. Wonderful! Love the tattoos. Then again, unsurprising, I am a huge fan of tattoos. I agree, I don’t think they hurt. (Mr. Ink highly disagrees with me on this one.) They look great, what a special mother and daughter treat to memorialize her.

    Isn’t it just like grief to take you by surprise? In fact, I think that’s grief’s superpower. It’ll happen even when the thing causing you grief is expected. And it can sometimes knock you over. I am glad you had Al home to share it with.

    As for your red flowering plant, could it be a weigela? The flowers and leaves look to be the same shape as my “Wine and Roses” Weigela, even though the coloring is different. Looks like there are a couple varieties of red flowering weigelas out there.


  4. You are a brave soul – I don’t know if I have the courage for a tattoo. Yours are lovely and they form an even more special bond between mothers & daughters (plurals on purpose).
    A cover for the hot tub sounds like a great idea. Poor froggies.Rivet!


  5. I’m so glad that Al was there the share the weekend with you and you found a way to remember your Mom together. The tattoos are lovely. My Mom has been gone since 1989 and the grief is still there, just under the surface. I’ve found it’s easier to just accept it and the tears or thoughts that arrive with it. Praying for you my friend.


  6. I LOVE your tattoo. It is BEAUTIFUL! And, LOVED seeing the photo of you and Al! Two beautiful ladies inside AND out!

    I don’t know what to tell you about the tree frogs. They got in our pool all the time and if I didn’t catch them quickly they didn’t survive long. I’m guessing the chlorine kills them. 😦 I hope you can find a solution. I always felt so bad for them.


  7. Well done you tow! You both look terrific and I am so glad you had fun. I always feel a bit like a part of me is missing when my boys are away. I am starting my fiddle thing tonight.


  8. I love the tattoos, how nice that you got matching ones, too. Makes it extra special. I don’t have any myself, but I am not opposed to them…just haven’t been inspired yet to get one.
    I had frogs jump in my pool a lot (and chipmunks, and mice). My husband built us a pond though, with a nice little waterfall, and the frogs LOVED it. My hot tub had a cover, so luckily never had an issue with animals getting in it. The birds would dive bomb us sometimes while we sat in it though! I had a resident cardinal that nested in my yard every season, and she and her hubby would zip us every so often, just to remind us that it was THEIR yard!


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