Saturday Sunshine

DSCF1020We made it to the mushroom farm Thursday.  Fireman carved a mushroom for me last year and I love it.  These are cool too and they sell them at the farm. 

Al’s here and it is wonderful.  I knitted another Fiddle Mitt.  I doubled some worsted and it went very fast.  

We figured out a mystery about this house.  When we bought it we did not want to meet the previous owners.  They wanted to meet us, but we saw it as a business transaction and didn’t want to get personal.  So, there is a room in the basement the now has workbenches and storage shelves.  It has a temperature gauge attatched to a pipe and several spigots along the wall.  

What is was used for?  No one who came to see the house seemed to know. The ideas ran the gamut from macabre to practical.  ?Taxidermist?  ?Body snatcher? Bait station?  Reptile room.

Nope ….. Fireman was looking into the electrical box and saw something labeled, DARKROOM.  Well duh . Why on earth didn’t anyone think of that. Photography!!  

If you have not heard from me by email it is because I don’t have your email.  I have tried to leave my usual blog buddies comments, but I’m having some computer issues.  So, I’ve been emailing my comments to most of you.  Some of you, though, I cannot email.  I love to leave comments.  I’ll figure this out.  

Sun’s shining here.  I’m with my girl. My mom’s at peace.  I’m doing well. 



Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

15 thoughts on “Saturday Sunshine”

  1. Neat mushrooms! I’m glad you solved the mystery. That would have been a bit “scary”…the not knowing what happened there. I’m SO glad your girl is there. All us right with the world now. Package mailed to you yesterday. 🙂


  2. I’m glad your secret room had a positive use! Funny how digital cameras have eliminated the need for darkrooms. We had an old craftsman house when I was young and it had a dumb-waiter from the basement for wood or coal to the kitchen.. it also had a mystery room which I hoped we’d find a trunk full of treasure, but no such luck. Enjoy your girl! ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  3. When I was teaching, I loved working in the darkroom. I could spend hours in there printing photos. Are you and Fireman going to use it?

    Thrilled to hear that you and Al are having fun.


  4. Oh – I like those mushrooms!

    I took photography in highschool and college, and always wanted my own dark room. Of course, now digital has made it moot!


  5. So nice to hear you are doing well-give yourself time, though, to run through all the emotions that are there in grief! So great to spend time with your daughter! Tell your DH that he did a spectacular job on the carved mushrooms!!!! Cool to know what the mystery room was used for!


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