Color My World Please

unnamed-1unnamed-2It’s been a pretty gray few days around here.  If you have any thoughts on a Sun dance let me know!  Fireman and I needed a walk after dinner last night so off to the path we went.  My goodness those beavers have nearly felled those beautiful trees.  

I have good news!  The pollinators have begun to put their baby bees in the house with the tubes that I hung.  The paste has filled 3 of about 50 holes. It is a start.  I was so excited I went out and purchased another.  I hung it on the opposite side of the property.  Wheeeee.  

unnamed-3Off I went to the Needles N Pins yarn shoppe yesterday.  I found sale yarn to make Twiddle mitts. I wanted something colorful.  The ALANA is the wild skein. IT has a ton of stretch to it so I should be able to knit just fine with it.  

A woman asked what I was making, so I told her.  She’s going to make one. She said it may take her awhile but she had a grandmother with Alzheimers and she wanted to make one in her memory.   

The sun is going to come out at precisely 2:20 today when Allison arrives. You are my Sunshine sweetie.  You and Zach man. 


Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

16 thoughts on “Color My World Please”

  1. That is some great yarn! I’m working on a twiddle mitt right now. I’m having trouble thinking of things to put on it. I just know you’re going to have a wonderful time with Allison. She’s just the pick you up you need.
    Blessings, Betsy


  2. Grey and rainy here too…and miserable traffic!! Can you send me a link to the twiddle mitt pattern? I’ve tried but failed to find it:(

    Have a wonderful time with Allison and yes, your sun will come out!!


    1. Kathy – found the pattern(s) [not sure what my problem was previously other than over-tired, etc.]. I would love to make at least one. Will ship to you.


  3. I was wondering what had taken a huge chunk out of that tree. Yes, after you said beavers, it was quite obvious that was what made those bites.

    I’m hoping you don’t mind ………but, Steve and I started volunteering at a local hospice yesterday. They are in need of knitted items. I’d like to make them for OUR hospice in honor of YOUR mom. I hope that is okay with you (instead of making the twiddle mitts).

    Have a great visit with Al. I know you are HER sunshine as well!


  4. It has rained all week here too. I taking a yarn cure today thanks to your Twiddle Mitts. It is fun to pull out all the wild and crazy stuff you have bought and could never find a project for and turn it into something useful.


  5. I think your grey has finally made it our way. Been cool and rainy for the past two days. I’m glad I tackled my gardens early in the week.

    love the new yarns


  6. I’m very happy for you that your daughter is coming to visit.. how long does she get to stay? I haven’t seen my daughter and GDs for almost a year now.. 😦 Have fun with her.. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  7. I found some yarn today for a muff, so hopefully I can cast on soon. The Wind River Mountains are glorious as their peaks are shining with new snow. Snow pack is now over 300% – unreal isn’t it!


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