We Need 30 Twiddle Mitts !

unnamedMy dear friend Eileen, (her Uncle was Father Andrew Greeley the author of the Irish novels that were controversial ) has inquired at her mom’s Memory Unit.

Glen St. Andrews in Chicago has requested 30 Twiddle Matts!  I’m overjoyed. 

Eileen’s mother has early onset Alzheimers and has not spoken for over a year. She was diagnosed over 15 years ago. Eileen’s uncle, Father Andrew Greeley, died tragically.   He was campaigning for President Obama. He got out of a  cab the night before the election, and his coat caught in the door. He was dragged a long way.  He suffered a traumatic brain injury, survived, but his body was never the same.  So Eileen has a great understanding of brain injury.  

My mother loved each and every story Andrew Greeley told as an author. It didn’t matter to her that a Catholic priest was writing RACEY novels.  (as she said)  It bugged the crap out of my father.  

I met this great Priest on more than one occasion with Eileen.  He was brilliant and full of love for a church that just wasn’t ready for him.  When he died, the Cardinal said his Mass with many other priests.  The Cardinal said that Fr. Greeleys favorite opera was La Traviata.  Because……..in the end all are forgiven.  

He had a home in Michigan on the big Lake.  He never took a vow of poverty by the way.  He was so generous.  Eileen had us there more than once.  But once, Huck came with.  The pool cover was on, but Huck jumped in anyhow.  We got him out, but laugh to this day that Huck swam in Uncle Andy’s pool.
When I told Eileen  I wanted to make the mitts, she was thrilled.  So we have been asked to make 30 for the memory unit where her mother still lives.  

My first mitt is above.  

*Baiscally you knit a tube that is about 81/2 by 11. Then you very securely add things that one can fiddly with.   Patients have been known to pull paper off walls because of the need to fiddle.  My mother was always picking at my sweaters although there was nothing there.   She also picked at my paper name tag until she got it off each visit.  

*There are endless things to add to the mitt to play with.  I bought some parachute rope at Walmart and added that.  I bought some netting and added that to the buttonholes that circle the mitt.  I knit  a one inch by 5 inch strip and secured it to the mitt.  

*I crocheted a round rosette and attached that.  

*About 5 attachments are the minimum. 

*If you prefer to sew a mitt, go right ahead!!!  

*I did not use buttons or beads because of the possibility they will come off and get eaten.  A few weeks ago I gave my mom a photo of Al and Zach and she put it in her mouth to eat it….

*There are some patterns in Ravelry for more ideas. 

*Use whatever washable yarns you wish.  

*Bright colors are encouraged. 

*If you wish to make one I’d love it.   

If you need my address, please email me : harpnut@gmail.com .

I don’t know if it is the Mitt project, Honey’s Hundred, or what, but I am  so peaceful and happy for my mom now.  


Author: compassionknit

I've moved from irisheyesknitters.blogspot.com to compassionknit.wordpress.com on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

19 thoughts on “We Need 30 Twiddle Mitts !”

  1. I’ll get right on that!!! I’ll also make one for Daddio. He is a picker all right. You should see his little corner of the room he shares. He has pulled it all apart.


  2. I’ll begin one tonight when I get home from the lake. What a wonderful project! I was going to knit some beads on but you’re right, probably not a good idea. I’m glad you’re feeling more peaceful. Lots of people care about you my friend.


  3. I am most definitely on board.
    Also, I was a big fan of Father Greeley’s. I occasionally used his story and his writings in my Sociology lectures. A wonderful gift to the planet.


  4. I have been a follower of your blog and have enjoyed watching you and your famiy evolve. I recently lost my mother too and feel like you do at peace that she is not suffering anymore. My mom did not have Alzheimers but was sick for a very long time and its so calming knowing she is not suffering anymore.


  5. Although I can not remember the titles, I read several of his novels, and I appreciated Father Greeley’s stories of the simple complexities of humans wanting to know love…and pondering what “God is love” means. I am sorry to hear of his tragic death. Thanks for making me aware of twiddle muffs and showing the one you made. I hope I can make at least one for Honey’s Hundred. xx


  6. Leave it to me to be the oddball in the group. I don’t know what stuff I would add on but I am knitting a tube of seed stitch. I’ve said many times that I am calmed by the feel of the little bumps formed by the stitch and could fiddle with a piece of seed stitch knitting for hours. I like to just rub my hand over the bead-like stitches or rub it against my face. For myself, I would not add anything else that might ruin the tactile experience. I will send it when finished if you think it would be appreciated by someone.


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