Honey’s Hundred

DSCF1011Well Sir Raccoon was back last night.  I couldn’t get a better image.  I’m pretty sure I’ll have lots of opportunities to shoot more photos of him.  I did leave out cat food with spicy hot chili garlic sauce.  Thanks for that suggestion!

DSCF1010.jpgMy closest friends from high school, brought me flowers and cookies and cupcakes.  They knew my mom well.   I had the joy and privilege to know their moms too.

My calm and peace has been shaken this morning.  I’m feeling lots of things and I want to get busy doing something. I have nothing to do. No collage to help with, no dress to go buy, no Mass to attend.   This is new territory for me.  ( I will be visiting the Carmelite nuns, her favorites, next week with a cake.  I am planning to bring the nursing home staff one last cake, and I’m going to moms grave once she is buried) Zach also suggested we do it up big on Day of the Dead this year for my mom. Love that idea.

I’ve been thinking of a way to knit and honor my mom, Noreen.  For the past few days I’ve been looking at patterns and such.  I finally found what feels right.

There are these things called Fidget or Twiddle Muffs.  My mom loved to twiddle things in her fingers even as she became more and more handicapped with physical parts of the mental disease.  I’ll knit one up to demonstrate.

You knit a soft muff or tube and you add ribbons and knitted or crocheted flowers and bumps and things to the muff for the person to feel, twiddle and fidget with as they lie in bed or sit in their chair.

I would say no buttons or anything that is not washable.  Firmly attached things can be added  to the muff  ( some things of interest you knitted like a flower, or ribbons, with a few good knots.  )  I recently showed my mom a photo of Allison and Zach and she seemed interested in it and then put it in her mouth and began to eat it. Oh dear. So safety is a big issue for folks who are under the grips of memory disease.

If anyone wants to knit/crochet/ or felt a twiddle muff I will be shooting for Honey’s Hundred.  (inspired by Harry’s hundred )  All the grands called my mom Honey.  Her license plate said Honey.   All her friends began to call her Honey.  So …honey’s hundred.

Im going to knit now.   Please send me the muff if you choose to make one. I do not EXPECT anyone to make one.  Only if it  is something you wish to do.   It is not a measure of our bloggy wonderful relationship, it is just a way for you to use up leftovers in a meaningful way if you wish.

Hugs.  kathy b


Author: compassionknit

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15 thoughts on “Honey’s Hundred”

  1. Sorry to hear you’re having a rough morning.. but it’s to be expected. Getting a new project off the ground is the perfect antidote! I’m buried in projects myself and company coming and swimming and all the other things of life with 6 people living here.. so I’ll pass on joining in but I will enjoy seeing others help out. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  2. Daddio has several of those fiddly things that the senior center donated to the nursing home. They are quilted ones with lots of baby toys attached. He loves them as he is also a fiddler. He completely peeled the laminate off of three bed trays until they got him those fiddly things. When I visit I give him a wet washcloth and let him clean the tables in the dining room. He loves it.
    Sign me up to make one in your Mom’s honor.


  3. Sometimes feelings come all at once and overwhelm you. But count me in for some Twiddle Muffs – I love what they are and how they help.

    (And thanks for taking Harry’s Hundred another step further.)


  4. What a beautiful project. I was not familiar with Twiddle Muffs. I can imagine how helpful they can be now after learning about them, though, and making them for other’s benefit is a wonderful way to honor Honey.xxxxxxx


  5. I’m sorry to hear that you are having a difficult day! They will come and go for a while. When we lost Carrie, a Psychologist friend told me that grief is a necessity. You have to allow it to happen. She said you have to feel it and experience what each day brings until it is finished and you are whole again. At the time I thought that it was not very good advice, but it turned out to be the only way I could keep moving through one day after another.

    I love your muff idea! I love to hold a piece of seed stitch knitting and feel the tiny bumps between my fingers. It is very relaxing.


  6. That’s a lovely way to honour your mother. (My grandma was called ‘Honey’ too – though her real name was Emily)


  7. I will definitely be looking for a pattern to make some twiddle muffs for you in memory of your Mom. What a wonderful, wonderful way to ho nor her. Could you please email me your address and if you have a link for a pattern you prefer that would be wonderful too. Praying for you my friend.


  8. Looking under Twiddle Muffs on Ravelry shows a bunch of patterns, both knitting and crocheting. I will make one too, in honor of my Uncle Harold who also had this awful disease.


  9. Difficult days just show up sometimes. The thing is, remember that you have the strength and the love and the memories to survive them.
    I’m in on the Fidget-ing!


  10. I like how you are planning and doing things to honor your mom. She sounds like a great woman – anything you do is going to be loved. The carmelites are going to go nuts over cake 🙂


  11. Of course you’re feeling at lose ends! Everyone tells me that the hard time is after the service and everyone else has moved on. I know that the important thing is that you are grieving the loss of someone you loved. It is a blessing to have people to love. And to be loved, too. We Jewish folks say, “May her memory be a blessing.”
    I think I’ve seen those muff called dementia muffs, or something like that. One of these days I’ll probably need to make one for my dad.
    I am amazed that you can get an photos of a raccoon at all. They move pretty fast!


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