A Bit More Mom and Some Knitting

unnamed-3My mother and father were sometimes going on cruises to award salespeople for meeting and exceeding their quotas.  My mother was arm candy, a trophy wife and she wore it well.  She never gained a pound, thanks to her cigarettes which never did lead to any lung issues or cancer.  My father would be on her like you know what if she gained a pound.  I love this jumpsuit she is wearing and her matching clutch and shoes.  There are cigarettes in that clutch, I’d be my life on it!

I’m doing well.  Occasionally a little crying but over all so peaceful and calm.  Perhaps the grief was when she was alive in that bed in the nursing home. I certainly cried enough then.

I cannot say thank you enough for your love and support.  Each note, each prayer, each tender word is so kind and helpful.

My mother loved babies. She had 6 kids and fostered 5 newborns through Catholic Charities.    I’m thinking of a Harry’s Hundred type of initiative her.  If you didn’t know about Harry’s, it was a tribute to encourage charity knitting for 100 items.  You could send the items to any charity in Harry’s honor.  Let me think on this.

I’m in that weird place where I’m scattered.  So I’ve barely knit the last two days.  I am glad I have the easy striped scarf to mindlessly move around the needles.
Someone asked me (forgive me who ever) if I liked the carbon circs I’m using.  Actually for this project I love them.  I think they are my shawl/scarf go to for worsted weight.



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14 thoughts on “A Bit More Mom and Some Knitting”

  1. Good to see a post from you Kathy and glad you are doing ok. I understand completely about your grief being when your Mom was still alive and in the hospital bed. I said that I missed my Mom for several years before she passed away – she, too, had dementia. It’s hard to deal with. Keeping you in my thoughts.


  2. This must be such a strange time for you, I felt the same when my father passed away last year, it’s a relief but a sadness for the person that once was. You wouldn’t wish them back but at the same time you miss them too and the memories you have of them. As someone said to you yesterday, you were a good daughter and you loved your mum. Thinking of you, Fiona x


  3. Your mum was so stylish. I’m sorry you’ve had a bittersweet journey with your mum going through dementia and now her passing. I say just let yourself feel. You were there for her to the very end; what a loving daughter you are. And if you’re in the mood and have the energy, keep sharing about her. I love your stories.


  4. You made me cry. I was just unpacking the Depression Glass my mom left me. It only took me 17 years to get it out, unwrap it and put it on a shelf and it made my heart hurt. Seeing that photo of your mom and hearing about her cigarette habit was so familiar. As my mom was taking her last breaths the doctor remarked that she had strong lungs-with pack a day habit for 50 years! Daddio too. You can’t kill him with a stick after smoking 70 plus years. He’d still be puffing away if he could.


  5. Every day you will think of her and each day you will get more serene about it. Are you having a funeral or memorial service? I think you should make a shawl now so that each time you put it around your shoulders it will be like a hug from your mom. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  6. You’ll deal with waves of emotions and memories for years. When my Mom died, it was like losing an anchor: she was my constant. She died in 1989, and I still miss her.

    Be kind to yourself. Don’t avoid the memories and emotions, but embrace them as they come. All my love, dear Kathyb


  7. Words fail me right now. But if you could feel my arms around you, you would feel a great big hug. It’s been so long since I lost my mom. I remember having days when that’s all I could think about and then having days when I was actually able to carry-on as usual. Totally different circumstances from you since my Mom was fairly young and it was very unexpected. But I think whenever you lose a mom that you were close to and love, you’re never quite ready. Your mother was absolutely gorgeous. How amazing that she had the heart she did toward children. I would love to participate in your items for the children when you decide what you want to do. Please let me know. Always know you’re in my prayers.
    Blessings always my sweet friend, Betsy


  8. Your Mom’s look in this picture here is killing it. Your descriptions of her are always very candid and I appreciate whenever you share her with us. All the best, my friend.


  9. Memories of your mom will flood you at times and as time passes, show up not so frequently but always bring a smile to your face, I expect. Take all the time you need to miss and mourn Mom and send her and yourself love. Peace, friend.


  10. What a cool life your Mom enjoyed! I think you need to give yourself time and not worry about the scattered thoughts and memories that are flooding you now! It’s all part of the grieving you will have going on, even if you felt you started the process ages ago with her dementia! Hugs!


  11. Your mom was stunning! I wish cigarettes were a safe way to lose weight — and that they didn’t leave such a terrible smell! Of course you a bit scattered. This is such a huge change. Your brain is just re-jiggering, finding your path forward. I envy you for having such a positive relationship with your mother. That love will always be with you.


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