Too Close for Comfort

Lil’ ol’ racoon decided to come up on the deck and look in the porch door at dusk.  Fireman spotted him and made some noise so he retreated, a tad, to the birdfeeder in the back.   I will be very vigilant, (aka Worried) about him coming up on our deck. He’s adorable.  But I’m too smart for his cuteness.  Now, I have to find out if fleas are species specific. Let’s hope so.  Oh the things I can think of to worry about…..

I have a good piece of nature news!  There is ONE hole filled in my pollinator nursery.  A baby is inside!  I’m going to buy more mason bee houses.  .  I love the bees.  I can hang a few more around the woods!


My very soft KnitPicks Mighty scarf is almost half way.  You increase for half the scarf and decrease for the other half.   Must confess, I didn’t like working with the light pink.  It was considerably more splitty or at least I noticed it more.

I’m on the hunt for my next project. I have a pair of socks on my needles, too, that’s a given.  One of the reasons I love others’ blogs is for the next project factor.  I get the best ideas from you!

Happy Tuesday Friends!


Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

13 thoughts on “Too Close for Comfort”

  1. We put out hot oil (hot as in spicy, not temperature) on the Raccoon’s path and that sends a good message. You could put some out on steps or railings for a day or two.


  2. Oh those raccoons are so cute…love their little paws…but so destructive. We used to have them come up onto our patio (years ago when we were putting food out for feral cats). Haven’t seen any in ages. I like the idea of the spicy oil. Your scarf is soooooooooo pretty!!


  3. We had raccoons in Pennsylvania. They tipped our trash bins over, so I would put a milk bone dog biscuit on each trash bin and they never tipped them again. Gotta be smarter than the little bandits. Your scarf is great but splitty yarn is a bummer. I’m doing a sock woth splitty yarn at the moment. We shall persevere right?


  4. What a brave raccoon. When my aunt lived in this older house in the city, she was in the bathroom and screamed as a raccoon peeked inside her bathroom window. Sorry you’re dealing with splitty yarn but the color scheme is great.


  5. Raccoons shouldn’t be wandering around during daylight hours: they are nocturnal. Be wary and watch for more odd behavior, as they can carry rabies.

    Love your knitting project.


  6. We had a raccoon that would eat out of my husbands hand.. but I would not recommend getting close to one. Good job on your scarf.. I’m loving my new cotton shawl project. Bravo also on helping the wild bee population! ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  7. We have racoons here that look as big as bears to me. They scare me to death when they come up on the deck and look in the door at me at night. I’ll take them over the possums any day though. Those possums hiss at me.

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  8. Raccoons. They can do a lot of damage. We experienced them at our trailer at the lake.
    I do like your Mighty Scarf. Although I am sorry to hear the pink yarn isn’t cooperating very well. I haven’t found any Knit Picks yarn yet that I haven’t enjoyed knitting with. Blessings, Betsy


  9. that is a beautiful scarf! I’m sure as long as you do not have any food for the raccoon he will not stay around. Unless he finds a “home”. However, if you all are noisy and out there a lot he won’t find it a comfy home. Maybe he was just walking through??


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