Movin on

DSCF0966I gathered up some tulips from the front patch.  I think these are the last to bloom of the tulips here.  There have not been many but they have been lovely none the less. sent me this lovely painted portrait of Fezzik yesterday.  It was a great surprise.  I love being a Chewy influencer as they call us.  DSCF9189I don’t have much stash these days on purpose.  This little skein of barely processed and handspun wool keeps asking me why I bought it.  I keep telling it I don’t know.  It has to simmer awhile longer I guess.

The new Board of Directors at the Animal Shelter will be elected tonight. My term is done.  It takes a lot of people to make a non-profit keep running.  Animal rescue is an emotional rollercoaster, often times.  It was a challenge for me to work in a group situation, and I know I grew throughout the year.  The distance factor became difficult for me.  I felt like the others on the Board had many more day to day interactions there.  Yet, being farther away, I think, gave me more objectivity when situations arose.  I know I did the best I could, I gave it my all.  I wish them luck in the future.  Movin on



Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

14 thoughts on “Movin on”

  1. That was nice of the Chewy company. It’s good to close a chapter you can look proudly upon. I understand how you feel since we moved away and I’m done with PTA and am not knitting with the SF knitters. I tried to go up now and then to hang out with them, but I think I’m going to let go and just KIT via their Ravelry board. It’s too much for me to try to go up; Mondays are hard, etc.


  2. It sounds like your new life will fulfill any of the volunteering you did back in Chicago.

    The painting of Fezzik was a very nice gift.


  3. What a super gift from Chewy! I used to work for a firm that provided fund-raising consulting for non-profits. A very tough market for sure. Believe you are correct that your distance over the past 9-12 months brought you a different perspective. You should be very proud of what you did with/for the Shelter, and you should also enjoy moving on with your new life and new environment. I know you are not just resting on your laurels as you and Fireman are volunteering at the stable!!


  4. Wow, that is a great painting of Fezzik and amazing that they sent it as a gift to you. It takes a smart person to know when to quit something. Leave while you’re on the top. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  5. I love the painting of Fezzik! He is a real charmer. That face! Those eyes! That fur! I’m a real fan.

    Your handspun wool would make a beautiful warm hat for winter.

    I know you did an exemplary job for the Animal Shelter Board!! They will miss you for a long time.


  6. Lovely tulips! I got two small ones this year, but that’s it. I need to move the bulbs where they will get more sun.


  7. Enjoyed seeing both the tulips and Fezzik’s picture. Nice gift. I am sure your perspective on the Animal Shelter’s board is appreciated and will be missed.And what do you intend to do with your regained time?


  8. That picture of Fezzik is so sweet and that was very thoughtful of them to send it to you. It seems strange to me that in most places the tulips and daffodil blooms are ending. Ours are just beginning to bloom here. It’s hard to leave something that we’ve worked so hard on. I’m glad you’re able to have good feelings of leaving the board and know that it’s in good hands. Your life seems to be very full in your new home. I’m looking forward to seeing what you decide to make with your skin of handspun.
    Blessings, Betsy


  9. I have no doubt that you were an asset to the shelter. I have found volunteering to be extremely difficult — more so than paid work in some ways — so I admire those of you who do it!


  10. I admire you for completing your term on the board despite the travel distance. Not many people would be that conscientious. The tulips and the artwork of Fezzik are wonderful – enjoy!


  11. The painting of Fezzik is incredible-what a treasure! You gave the office your all; what more can you do! It can be thankless but it is rewarding, too. Glad you put forth the effort at the shelter!


  12. Love your tulips! We don’t plant them anymore as the squirrels think they were put there for their dining pleasure, so we do daffodils since they don’t eat them. Sounds like your new volunteer position will be just as fulfilling as the animal shelter one in a different way. Your stash is down? Really? Don’t you need to go to your LYS then, PRONTO?


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