Equal Love

DSCF0964.jpgUncle Tank feels it is time he get some attention.  I happen to think he’s gorgeous.  I need to knit an  Uncle Tank kitty, but I also need to get out and get some gray yarns.  

Fireman spotted our first hummingbird at the north feeder this morning.  I’m thrilled. We put the feeders up 10 days ago.  

Since we moved north, we have driven back south to our old home town at least 3 dozen times.  Mostly for mom and for Board meetings.  Sometimes to meet with friends who are missing us.   Sometimes for extended family gatherings. 

My last Board meeting is over and the new shelter Board will be elected tomorrow night.  

Besides going to visit mom, ,I anticipate much less traveling back.  I think I needed it as I adjusted to a new town, but not anymore.  I have my yarn shop, my dentist, my hairsalon, my grocery store, my Target, my library, and more here.  

Finally, there is a lot of talk about a new tick borne disease out there.  Apparently, the tick only needs 15minutes attached to transmit the disease. This is very worrisome.  I will be changing my hiking habits accordingly.  The Powassan type of tick infection is nasty.  Look it up.  Be careful .  Protect the animals in your care too!  





Author: compassionknit

I've moved from irisheyesknitters.blogspot.com to compassionknit.wordpress.com on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

15 thoughts on “Equal Love”

  1. Uncle Tank is beautiful. You have some of the most attractive kitties…..they all look so soft and petable (my new word). So glad you have settled into your new town. The tick diseases are horrible. Many here in Arizona have gotten Lyme disease. Be safe!


  2. Tank is SO handsome!! You MUST get some gray yarn and knit him a double. I’m going to read about that other tick disease. Very worrisome (as if I wasn’t already worried!!). So glad you and Fireman are settling into your new environment. And hummingbirds! Our feeders are up, but not visitors yet.


  3. It’s good you are feeling a bit more settled in…and with a LYS and a LIBRARY, you’re good to go! I look forward to seeing the “other”Tank; the real-life one is indeed a gorgeous cat…and he looks so serene and regal!


  4. He is a beauty! I love his face and the fur is calling for a good snuggle!
    Ticks are always a concern….
    I agree that the time of adjustment is necessary after a move like yours-it makes you feel like a displaced person!


  5. Oh my! Tank is indeed a very handsome boy. My husband and I each voted for Fezzick. So two votes from our household! I’m glad you’re settling in your new town. It sounds like you have everything you need there. There is always quite an adjustment.

    I didn’t know about the new tickborne disease. Is it everywhere in the country or mainly in the east? The ticks are terrible out here this year. Much worse than I ever remember them. I think it’s because we have had such a wet spring with over twice as much rainfall as normal for our side of the state. We’re considered high desert and normally don’t get a lot of rain. I hope you have a lovely day.
    Blessings, Betsy


  6. I love the expression on Mr. Tank’s face. The eyes are soft and kind, but the nose and mouth say. “Fool with me at your own risk.”

    I’m so glad you are feeling “at home” and not yearning for your old home. It took me a long time to feel at home in Texas–I guess because we still have half of the family in Chicago.

    We haven’t seen any Hummingbirds yet but the Goldfinch are the most brilliant yellow I’ve ever seen. We have only had one Woodpecker too.


  7. Hummingbirds don’t usually arrive here until mid to late June. I love to watch their antics. Tank is a sweetheart and his blue eyes remind me of Paul Newman.

    I saw the news story on the tick disease. Fifteen minutes is a very short time frame, especially when the little critters can move quickly.


  8. Oh, no…..not something else to worry about. I am always covered in ticks all summer. I figure this will be my year for Zika as well. Mosquitos and ticks love me.
    Tank is one handsome boy. I love those eyes! Three of my kitties have blue eyes.


  9. Tank is certainly a handsome guy. I did vote for Fezzik!
    This tick thing is alarming. I am going to have to be more conscious of the danger when I dress for hiking. What a bummer, huh?
    I’m glad you’re feeling settled in and finding your places. Moving is fun and sad at the same time.I’ve been here for so long, but I moved a lot in my 20s with my first husband, and it was exciting then. I think the only reason I’d move now is if my kids settled down and I could be near at least one of them.


  10. You KNOW I ♥ Fezzik, but Uncle Tank is my favorite. Always has been!

    Our local news went butt-crazy over the Powassan virus. The only thing is ………that tick is nowhere near Florida. It becomes a Peter and the Wolf thing . . . some day, something very important is going to be on the news here and no one will pay attention because you only get the OMG!!! Apocolypse story and then find out the WHOLE story.

    I do understand that this IS a concern in your area — so, keep those pant legs tucked in and make friends with Deep Woods OFF!


  11. Tank is such a handsome cat. The color of his fur! I could knit the heck out of that color. hahaha! His name is very fitting. I’m glad you’re feeling like home is more like home and not just home-base.


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