A Very Long Post

DSCF0921DSCF0932DSCF0920********************************************************************************Yesterday was Fireman’s birthday.  He loves a good outdoor time, so I took him to Ledges’State Park near the Horicon Marsh.  We hiked for two hours and it was a beautiful unique kind of hike for us.  Lots of wildflowers that I cannot identify, were in bloom!  


We went out for an early dinner at Rugan’s.  We had a very fun waiter named Nick.  We were his first table of the day and he was chatty and so was I.  (no!) 

The Kentucky Derby was coming on and I asked Nick who his pick of the horses was..

“I don’t know anything about the horse race,” Said Nick.

“Oh I love the Derby,” I said.  “Would you like to know a bit about it?”
“Sure,” Nick replied.  (and it wasn’t snarky or perfunctory either .) 

“Well, they are all three year olds and the fastest record for the Derby is under 2 minutes. ”  ” The Record was set by Secretariat years ago.  Do you know the name Secretariat?” I asked

No, I really don’t.  But that sounds dangerous!” Nick replied. 

Oh no, there’s rarely an accident, in these race” I said. 

Nick was astounded.  “How can that be? It can’t be safe” he continued.

“The jockeys really know what they are doing,” Fireman said,

and then a light bulb when on in Nick’s head,

Oh My gosh, ” he said, “I thought you meant the jockeys were all 3 year olds” 

We had a polite little chuckle and a real belly laugh all the way home. How funny is that?  Fireman said, I had to tell you all this conversation.


Can I just tell you another story?  

I awoke with a screaming headache on Friday.  0500 and my head hurt.  I rarely get a headache.  I carried my poor little head downstairs and took some Ibuprofen.   Back to bed.  I had an early call to the riding volunteer class.  I realized by the time I got up with the alarm, that I hadn’t had an caffeine the day before.  Well, minimal caffeine.  That’s pretty pathetic, I’d say I’m addicted.

However, a cuppa or two and I was feeling much better.  I got to give my student Paul, the signed poster from Clancy Brown and the Sponge Bob Cast.  Paul was silent as he looked at the big poster and identified all the names and drawings they did for him.  Paul is rarely quiet.  Then he gave me a huge hug.  The teachers from the stable and his own teachers watched, smiled and got a tear in their eyes!


Finally, in knit news.  I had a pretty stressful day in other ways Friday and finishing up with my Board obligations this week has been very very time consuming.  I couldn’t start the other glove.  I needed comfort knitting.

Guess what?  Kim D. Sent me some knitpicks washable wool and I grabbed its soft colorful woolyness and began…a modified Trap scarf.   Thanks Kim, it is just what I needed the past few days.


Hope you enjoyed all my chatter this morning ! Happy Sunday!


Author: compassionknit

I've moved from irisheyesknitters.blogspot.com to compassionknit.wordpress.com on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

13 thoughts on “A Very Long Post”

  1. Happy Birthday Fireman (ok a little late). Sounds like a wonderful day. And LOL on the three year old jockeys!


  2. I got teary about Paul and his poster, too. You did a wonderful thing.

    Agreeing with Twinnie, I find the thought of 3-year-old jockeys funny, yet wish I could see them in their little silks.

    Happy Birthday Fireman! And many yet to come.


  3. Happy Birthday Fireman! That has to be the best Derby story ever! What a great gift for Paul. Hoping next week is less stressful for you.


  4. Hi Kathy, I’m Karen and I live in the Fox River valley, near Appleton.Just a FYI, I went to Firefly fibers in Beaver Dam yesterday for the first time. It is a lovely lys and you were kinda close to it when in the marsh area. Southern Wisconsin has a good supply of lys. Aren’t we fortunate!


  5. This post is great Sunday – or anyday – reading…belated birthday greetings to Fireman! Your day hiking looks wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed the story about Nick + 3-year olds…I recently had a caffeine’s missing experience…not fun. So happy for Paul and you. You rock! Enjoy your knitting today.


  6. I always enjoy your chatter!
    I have the same issue with caffeine. I cannot miss a dose!
    Love the story about the three-year-old jockeys.
    Your gift to Paul was amazing.


  7. And a very happy late birthday to Fireman. Your hike looked wonderful. I’m with everyone else, I got a good laugh at the three-year-old jockey’s! So funny. It was a wonderful thing you did with the poster. It would make me cry too. I’m glad your headache is better and you got some good Comfort Knitting today. Blessings, Betsy


  8. What a cool hike. Hau’oli la hanau Fireman. Funny convo with the server. Sorry you had a bad headache; I get sinus ones once a month at least and have moved up to Aleve. I take IB for muscle aches and chills. Very sweet about your Sponge Bob Squarepants rider.


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