Now For Something Completely Different

DSCF0873I give credit to Deb, Caffeine Girl for my foray into embroidery.   This is just practice on an old pillow case.   My thoughts:

Kind of fun, need to watch you tube videos to get some stitches correct, probably using the wrong needle as my fingers hurt after just a bit.  Hints, tips, thoughts?

My ideal is to stitch a few pillow cases and perhaps ….my ultimate goal, to stitch on a jean jacket.

Now back to knitting.  I have absolutely no idea what I’ll knit next.  I have nothing on my needles. Zip zero ……so off to the knit shoppe I go!



Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

13 thoughts on “Now For Something Completely Different”

  1. Pretty embroidery. I haven’t done any embroidery for a while. It seems my knitting and crocheting always keep me so busy. Dennis bought me four new shawl patterns last night on (Ravelry) for Mother’s Day. I’m excited to print them out today and look at them closer.
    Blessings, Betsy


  2. Neat! When my great aunt passed away when I was a kid, my Mom inherited a whole bunch of embroidered pillow cases and table cloths, etc. I always loved them


  3. NOTHING on your needles??? Shock! Horror! You must remedy that quickly.

    Not sure what kind of needle you are using for your embroidery, but for a pillowcase or tightly woven fabric, you will want to use a sharp. A cross stitch needle is too blunt and will make it difficult to pierce the fabric.


  4. Very pretty!! I love embroidered pillowcases, but I think the jeans jacket idea is a doozy! I have a sequined jeans jacket that my friends and kids seem to either love or hate.


  5. Looks pretty good. It’s always fun to try out new things! I haven’t free hand embroidered with much success in a while. I was always more of a cross stitcher I suppose. I agree with D though, with a pillowcase you definitely need a sharp needle. Try some new techniques and a new needles, I’m curious to see if you take to it.


  6. This is SO funny. I just posted a couple minutes ago and referenced you!
    I love your embroidery. It is so free and creative. I agree with an earlier commenter, use a crewel needle. Never use a tapestry needle, unless you are doing cross stitch or weaving in knitting ends. Enjoy!
    Can’t wait to see what you will knit next.


  7. Nothing on your needles? Wow, is this a first? Hope you remedy that quickly. Loved seeing your embroidery stitches, and Dee and Deb as well as others gave you good needle suggestions. A good needle will make a world of difference!


  8. I have been doing a little embroidery and enjoying it although I trace a pattern on the fabric. Sometimes even a new sharp needle makes a difference. I also have been known to use a thimble – old fashioned I know.As for no knitting on the needles, cast on anything – something. The yarn shop is always a good idea.


  9. Embroidery is easier for me than knitting. In fact, I think I’ve given up knitting. Just too slow. And I’m thinking of a new embroidery project. But oh, how I admire knitting, so I’ll just ooooh and aaaaah over the work of people like you.


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