Above and Beyond

DSCF0871I’m not a superknitter.  I just happen to love this fingerless pattern and it knits up in a FLASH in worsted.  This is Malabrigo Rio in the colorway Liquidambar.

DSCF0869What is this bush?  Anyone know? I love the tiny pink flowers.

So I asked a favor of a friend I met while I was working.  One of the students that rides with us for therapy is a huge fan of the movies.  (cartoons)  I asked a friend who is the voice of a cartoon character to sign something for this student.  He sent me two huge posters and the entire cast of the very famous nationally known cartoon, signed the posters to this student personally.   I know this child will be overjoyed with this gesture.  Isn’t it great when someone goes above and beyond to make a child happy?



Author: compassionknit

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14 thoughts on “Above and Beyond”

  1. Well you are a superknitter to me! A plum tree? It is wonderful when someone is so kind and generous! I enjoyed reading the QA yesterday. I did not know that superwash could felt and have always put my one pair of socks I knit for myself through the washer and dryer with no problem. [ Ignorance is bliss! ]


  2. The bush looks like one of the flowering non plum producing trees that lined my street growing up. Sometimes they produced fruit. like a sprinkling. But I loved when the wind would blow the pink petals. It looked like it was snowing pink!

    The mitts are great. Love the length/style and the colorway. fun!


  3. The Autumn colors in the mitts are breathtaking.

    Briton is a huge voice actor fan. As soon as he learned the names of the actors — and this was when he was little — he’d always be able to pick out a performance by one of them. Frankly, I think he ought to go into voice, but, a mother’s advice. . .


  4. How lovely of those ppl to give back in this sweet and simple way. I like that Malabrigo colorway; man, that company rocks; I never mind supporting them every time I pick up a skein of theirs.


  5. I don’t know what the bush is but I like the tiny pink flowers. And Yes, Yes, Yes, it is nice when anyone goes above and beyond to put a smile on someone’s face. Good news for today.


  6. Your mitts turned out just beautiful. I’m not sure of the bush but I think it’s some kind of a plum. And that was very sweet of that person to go as you say, “above and beyond”. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if more people did that? Blessings always, Betsy


  7. I think it’s an ornamental red leaf flowering plum. We used to have one but another tree fell on it and killed it. That’s neat that someone was so generous! ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


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