Cowboy Boots

I’m very much regretting not purchasing cowgirl boots from Oklahoma.  I am currently using some from Mexico that are awesome….but when  I wear them out….I’m going to wish I had purchased some.  There were so many cool cowboy and cowgirl boots there.  Prices were pretty reasonable. 

Accomplished more than expected today! Took Pie to the vet, all’s well.  Then gave her a bath.  She may just run away tonight. She’s not happy with us.  She’s confined to the house so she can’t run far…..

Then I gave my car baby a big bath.  Little Honda Rhonda, at 19 years of age has 115,000 miles on her.  She’s getting 30 miles to the gallon up here on the country roads.  She even got the inside vacuumed.  

Now that the hyacinth and daffodils are spent, I moved them away from underneath the yews. They were probably planted there long ago and the yews spread out over them.  They should bloom in a nice spot next year.  

I’ll be taking out my knitting next.  The second long long fingerless mitt.  

Happy Earth Day.  !


Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

13 thoughts on “Cowboy Boots”

  1. Poor Pie. Why did she have to have a bath???

    I wish I could bring my car over for a bath. It sorely needs one, but we have no where to do that. Another reason we NEED. A. HOUSE!

    Happy knitting!


  2. I’ve only learned this year that owners do give their cats baths. I never knew cats should have them. Man, you are a dedicated car owner. I told E about Honda Rhonda and he says that’s modest for 19 years; on our 2008 Prius we had about 130K over nine years but of course you weren’t commuting 100 miles every day for work. I want to see you with cowboy boots on. I like that last pair, snazzy with that blue. How do they feel? Are they pretty padded inside?


  3. I love the boots with the turquoise panel up the side! I would wear those a lot.

    I’m amazed–115,000 miles and still getting 30 miles to the gallon? Honda Rhonda deserves a medal. She’s a trooper!

    I’m looking forward to the next mitts.


  4. Mini had to get a bath today too. She was so coverd in pollen I couldn’t see to drive. She is 16 and has about 150,000 miles on her but NO AC. She is going in the shop next week to see if I can get that taken care of. I can’t do hot.


  5. I wouldn’t mind owning a pair of roper boots: the heel is more comfortable than traditional cowboy/girl boots.

    Way to go, Rhonda! Thirty mpg is fantastic.


  6. Poor Pie. Our Chloe needs a bath and so does my car but since it’s supposed to rain the entire week next week I’m not going to waste my time. Chloe, on the other hand, needs one anyway! She doesn’t like them either. She’s a lab that’s terrified of water. 🙂


  7. You are making retirement sound exhausting! But I suppose washing the car won’t seem as bad when I’m not doing after work.
    We haven’t begun the spring yard work, yet. We are always late on this.
    Love all those cowboy boots. You will have another chance to visit Oklahoma City, right?


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