Easter Weekend 2017

DSCF0703So Easter is upon us!

Our grown children are away, so we are having other grown children who live far from their families for Easter dinner tonight. Tomorrow, In law time and all the great nieces and nephews will be in their Easter finery.

I did find Easter malted milk balls and am preheating the oven now to bake the dump cake.

I was more involved in Lent this year than recent years.  All of your posts about past Easters made me think of mine as a child.

Mom always made sure we had a wonderful basket with jelly beans, a chocolate bunny, a stuffed bunny and all that fake grass that she vacuumed up for weeks.  When I saw mom this week, I sang Here Comes Peter Cottontail to her and she laughed.

Surely her day of Glory will come, and she will be welcomed by the Saints and Angels as she meets her God.  There is comfort in that.  Happy Easter.


Author: compassionknit

I've moved from irisheyesknitters.blogspot.com to compassionknit.wordpress.com on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

14 thoughts on “Easter Weekend 2017”

  1. Happy Easter to you and your family that will gather. May your Mom’s smile be bright in your mind all day. My mom loved jelly beans so I shall have and enjoy a couple in her memory.

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  2. It sounfpds as though you have a wonderful and happy weekend ahead, celebrating the resurrection of our Lord Jesus. I smiled at your Mom’s reaction to your song. Some memories don’t ever leave. Something to be thankful for, in what is a very painful time for you. Yes, she will meet God face to face and all of her happy memories will be restored. There is hope in that isn’t there? Much love to you and your family.
    He is Risen!

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  3. Happy Easter dear friend. Your mom laughing over Peter Cottontail was so sweet. We are having Easter dinner at Fireman Jason’s and DIL Nok’s tomorrow night. I have been baking bread and goodies all day. That chocolate malt ball cake sure sounds yummy.

    May the blessings of Easter be yours all year long!!


  4. That is so nice of you to invite other loved ones for dinner in the absence of your own darlings. I hope you have a happy time! ❀.•❤•.✿.•❤ Happy Easter! ❀.•❤•.✿.•❤ ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


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