A Quick Post ….

The rest of the cats are just as beautiful as Fezzik.  Tank’s eyes are the most beautiful blue.  Ice blue.  Miss Pie is a beauty because she’s so tiny.  Beatles does not like the camera, but he is one beautiful black cat who is in sleek, muscular shape.  See, no favorites. 🙂

Fireman has had this Paramount Schwinn Track bike for over 25 years.  I know he rode it once on a velodrome track.  She’s been in our basement, our living room, our lives for years.  Time to let go!

There is a brand new bike and coffee shop in Lake Geneva. The owner is thrilled to have this bike in the shop for others to enjoy.  It may sell , it may not.  I don’t find bikes or cars for that matter, to be things of beauty.  But those that do, find this bike amazing.  So off she went yesterday to be admired there.

DSCF0687DSCF0671.jpgFinally, big news of the day. My sister is coming to visit!!!!!!  She arrives soon with her dear dog Dashielle.  He is a goofy Gordon Setter who has won big agility awards. She is my veterinarian sister.  There won’t be much knitting today, but I’m still working on bears.  I also cast on a mindless shawl knit yesterday on the way to visit mom while Fireman drove.  I have to focus on Motherbearproject knitting, so I needed a car knit.  This is my 5th cast on for the cotton blend Noro for a shawl.

Sisters.  I love my sister Michelle. !!!


Author: compassionknit

I've moved from irisheyesknitters.blogspot.com to compassionknit.wordpress.com on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

9 thoughts on “A Quick Post ….”

  1. Sweet, sweet kitties. And yay for visits from sisters — enjoy and have fun. Colin has Fletch’s Peugeot bike from the early 70’s! Fletch rode it around NYC and Long Island and Colin rode it around Pittsburgh…now it’s in eastern PA. It has the skinniest tires and the tiniest seat. me? I like my beach cruiser bike with the wide-butt seat…much more comfy for me – lol. I think it’s cool that the store wanted Fireman’s bike. What is he using now for biking?


  2. You know, Uncle Tank has ALWAYS been MY favorite. He’s such a handsome boy. But, in my opinion, ALL cats are beautiful.

    Have a great sister visit.


  3. Your kitties are all beautiful. Isn’t it amazing how we love each and everyone of them no matter how different their personalities and looks are? Enjoy your time with your sweet sister. I know how wonderful it is to spend time with my sister. I miss her a lot since she lives so far away. Have a wonderful visit and we’ll look forward to hearing all about it.


  4. Yay for sister visits! Happy to hear Mom was in good spirits yesterday. I have my fingers crossed for my visit with Daddio tomorrow. It’s going to make or break my Easter weekend.


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