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unnamed-2This is me back in Oklahoma City. I’m not sure why some show yarns in long pieces.  Maybe they do it so you can see how long the color repeats will be.
Just look at all those bags.  I have bags galore but most of them are not zip closure and I need that for Mr. Sneakawaywithyourwool, Fezzik.

Here are a few things I discovered this week:

*I’m into the new manicure craze.  Short nails, clear polish with just white painted on the moons.  Although the sweet manicure girl got the look I wanted with the Moon Mani as I called it, it was not a good mani all the way around.  I like a good cuticle clean up and hand massage.  Nope, she just painted.  unnamed-1*International Delights Instant Latte is just as good in their Caramel flavor as vanilla.

*I learned if you want the Iphone watch, which our waitress had, you have to still have an i phone nearby for it to work.  I was initially enchanted by the 400 dollar cost, but not when I heard it had no camera etc.

*When we voted Tuesday in our local election, I learned our little county really gets out the vote percentage/population wise.

*I love the new Arm and Hammer cat litter that SLIDES.  You dont’ have to scrape litter off the pan bottom.  WOW its nice and my cats love it.

*Long story, but a dear friend, pun intended, needed us to bring his deer rack into the taxidermist nearby.   I learned that as long as you can put a ring over the point on a rack it counts as a point.

*I learned from Al, who is working in Organ Transplant now you know, that if for some reason a heart cannot be used as intended, it goes back to the body for burial.

*I learned from Zach, as it was 34 degrees Fahrenheit here on Tuesday, that it was also 34 degrees Celsius in Chiapas, Mexico.  And my son can sleep through a Earthquake that measures 5 on the scale.

Want to share anything you learned this week?  ?


Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

16 thoughts on “Thanks for Sharing”

  1. I learned about a “moon mani” – will have to try that if I can ever find a manicurist that I like…as with you, I’m not happy with the ones I’ve tried, thus far. Good luck to both of us.


  2. CanNOT get my head around the ‘sliding cat litter’ and will have to go look for some now. Did I learn anything this week? Hmm. Let me think about it.


  3. My thyroid has really messed up my fingernails – splitting, chipping, and breaking. I use an overcoat to seal them occasionally, but no manicures for me.

    You look fabulous surrounded by all the lovely colors of yarn!


  4. Most of what I learned new this week is just what I learned from YOU! LOL! I did find out you can rescue a hiding goldfish when your pond is being cleaned by using a kitchen tongs. My DIL rescued our last two fish when they emptied the pond for power washing.. and they were stuck in a hold behind some rocks. Poor little guys are still alive, though. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  5. I learned a lot from you this week, just in this post. And our son can sleep through those earthquakes in Japan too. I’ll never understand how they can do that. Thanks for all the new information today.
    Blessings, Betsy


  6. I learned that the iphone watch thingy will drive you crazy. Daughter has one and it buzzes all day long and scares her to death. It was a gift from her hubby so she can’t toss the darn thing or she would.


  7. I learned that you have to be careful when you’re playing in the dirt! Sliced open my finger on a piece of broken glass hiding it it!


  8. I learned a lot about myself this week. I learned I am not living the life I really WANT to be living and that I’m the only one that can change that.

    Love the moon mani —– right now my nails are such a mess I would be embarrassed to go to a nail salon, but when they look better —- off I go and I might just get a moon mani.


  9. What an amusing but poignant post! I love that you shared a slice of you with us!
    I learned that I can mother again at my age (61) because I chose to keep my two grandsons out of the foster system with strangers. Life has taken a turn but it is filled with such potential…..


  10. I love all the things you posted. You learn, we learn! I’m pretty much ALWAYS short nails with a buff, no paint. But I go for the cuticle cleanup. if there is no cuticle clean up, I’m horribly disappointed.


  11. You look great Kathy! Fabulous photo of you. Gosh, I haven’t gotten a manicure in years…last time I went I just wanted my nails buffed and I thought they did a half-hearted job on the mani. I do like your moon mani though. I learned a bunch of stuff from your post!


  12. compassionknit/Kathy B turned me on to your blog; I, too, am in WI, in Polk County. And what is Sean (son? husband? father? brother?) doing in Chiapas? Our older son spend a year there, between college and medical school, as a volunteer teacher, or, as he called it, being a volunteer teacher in the Zapatista Revolutionary Army. He had the honor of experiencing the tail end of a hurricane that blew in from the Gulf.


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