Mail Jackpot

When the mail arrived, the box was heavy and I was full of joy.  Kim of Handeyecrafts runs to best contests.  She is too generous.  Allison and I won the MOVIE themed contest she ran over the weekend.  In addition to these skeins

DSCF0645.jpgthere were these skeins!  These three will be used for MotherbearProject stuffies.  That blue has already been knitted into a bearshirt. 

The sock yarn in the first image is called Beards and Moustaches.  I’m in love.  I also love a good beard.  Fireman doesn’t like the bother and itch of growing a beard anymore, but I wish he would. I love a good beard.  

IN addition to the yarns Kim sent two awesome books.  ONE + ONE Wraps, Cowls and Capelets and The book, The Knitster.  Allison has her eye on the Egyptain Scarf /Shawl pattern.  I love the drape of the ELENA shawl , but I have to read the pattern carefully before I commit. 

I absolutely must have a floor cat pillow from the wild and crazy book The Knitster.  It is the wildest pattern book I’ve ever seen. I’m thrilled to have it on my shelf. 

Kim, You are dear and way too generous.  Thank you thank you for such an amazing box of goodies. 



Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

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