Brag Brag Bragging,

DSCF0619We found out this weekend, that Fezzik made the Purina Ad.  He’s on their website.  This is a photo of the screen.  He is the cat leaping off the couch, the big guy.  The cat on the bag and the coupon is his father, Chili.   But our boy made the print ad.  The Video “watch now” is not Fezzik, but another cat at the same photo shoot.

We may see more of him, Liz, our breeder and the connection to the this fun, says. So  keep an eye out. If by chance it comes out in the ad section of your paper with the coupon, please let me know. 

The other kitties in this house are just as loved and special you know!   Everyone got treats to celebrate Fezzik’s success.

You may recall the process was a long one the day of the photographing.  We got paid a one time fee of 300 dollars.  Fireman says we have crossed that one off our bucket list.

(My shawl knitting has halted.  I don’t like the pattern.  Time to frog it and start anew)

Thanks for sharing our joy about the little star in our house.


Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

17 thoughts on “Brag Brag Bragging,”

  1. A celebrity!!! So cool. How did he react to the other cats? And did he recognize/know his father? I’m sure Tyg would not do very well…..unless there were a mouse around!


  2. Congratulations to you all and especially Fezzik! How exciting for you all. I hope he doesn’t get a swelled head form his success. 🙂


  3. Go Fezzik Go! I’ve never known a celebrity cat! Can’t wait to tell Smoke, our resident feral cat…perhaps that’ll encourage her to get a life!
    Cheers ~


  4. So neat. I just went to the website and found his picture by typing in “see below to get your purina pro plan prime plus coupon”. What a lovely picture and how exciting. I’d love to see my cats on in an ad even without being paid, but I am sure you earned your money on the photo day.


  5. Your bragging rights are well deserved! Fezzik for the win! No surprise Kathy, he’s a beautiful cat, and we all know you love your children equally. hehe.


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