Monday Q and A April 2nd 2017

DSCF0567Happy Monday Q and A!!!

*What’s your safe place in turbulent weather?

*Are you more likely to alter a pattern or stick right to the instructions?

*Would you rather a hottub or a cold pool?

*What was the name of a pet you grew up with?

*How many knit dishcloths do you use, or have on hand?

*Have you ever been give an trophy?

*Would you rather knit, under a shady tree, poolside or beside a roaring fire?

Just seven questions today.  Here’s my answers:

  • I think my safest place is the basement under the stairway
  • As I continue to knit, I take more and more liberties with patterns.
  • Pool
  • Crumpet was our english springer spaniel
  • I have 7 dishcloths I use all the time
  • Ive never been given , or earned a trophy . It’s okay, don’t need one because…I share the World Series Trophy!!!  It’s never going to get old!
  • under a shady tree …thanks
  • DSCF0604




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I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

11 thoughts on “Monday Q and A April 2nd 2017”

  1. 1. I run for the closet under the stairs too when we have a bad storm.
    2. I am a sticker for the most part. No imagination when it comes to knitting.
    3. Neither. I hate hot and I hate pools.
    4. Mandy. Our collie.
    5. I have a zillion and I use several every day. I make little ones for the critter bowls so I don’t mix them up.
    6. I have a lot from skating. No biggie. Everyone on the team gets one at the end of the season. They are cheap as dirt.
    7. Fire. The only good thing about our week long ice storm with no power was knitting by the fire.


  2. *What’s your safe place in turbulent weather?
    We don’t get a lot of really bad weather here. In a thunderstorm, I just like to curl up on the couch or in bed, enjoy a cup of tea, and listen to the rumbles.
    *Are you more likely to alter a pattern or stick right to the instructions?
    I tend to mod. To me, the whole point of knitting is to make it yourself so it’s just right.
    *Would you rather a hottub or a cold pool?
    Cold pool – hottubs are ok, but not reallu my thing.
    *What was the name of a pet you grew up with?
    I had too many to list, but one of my favourites was a little light ginger girl kitty named Monkey.
    *How many knit dishcloths do you use, or have on hand?
    I’ve got four or five… I mostly use them in the bath – and use j-clothes for dishes.
    *Have you ever been give a trophy?
    Nope. I’ve one a few medals and ribbons though.
    *Would you rather knit, under a shady tree, poolside or beside a roaring fire?
    Can I pick all three? They all sound great!


  3. Three of 7 answers: – Prefer a hot tub! Danny Boy – our collie. Once knit several dishcloths…all gone! Wondering if I still have a pattern? Will look and see, someday!


  4. Love your picture of Fezzik – so handsome. Fun questions as usual Kathy:

    1. Probably our basement, but fortunately we don’t get really nasty weather.
    2. I change things to suit my mood and my body.
    3. Hmmm, I enjoy hot tubs but I love to swim. However, I hate cold pools. I want my pool water to be warm!
    4. Kitsy, out 25 lb. solid black cat. A beast!
    5. I probably have 8 or so that I use regularly…older ones have been sent to the “rag bag” and I use those to scrub my floors. I need to make some more.
    6. No trophy.
    7. By a roaring fire! I don’t sit in the sun, so poolside is out, and whenever I sit under a tree there are just too many critters around.


  5. 1. We’re not afraid of windy rain storms here; as long as we’re in the house, that’s cool.
    2. I like to give the designer a chance first and knit the pattern as it. If I was going to knit it another time, like the Sideways Grand Cloche, I would look up helpful notes and try those.
    3. I think hot tub.
    4. Tracy was a white and grey kitten my mum found with two other kittens in our backyard while watering. Because she had touched them (they were mewling) the mama rejected them so we took them in. Unfortunately, the garage door ended her life right before Valentine’s Day.
    5. I have at least 4 dishcloths. I usually use them to wipe up the excess water on the bathroom sinks.
    6. I didn’t play sports so no trophies, but I got a very nice plaque for serving as PTA President when Cupcake graduated 5th grade.
    7. I’d like to knit poolside but I tend to be in the pool with the girls so I guess by a roaring fire would be number uno.


  6. *What’s your safe place in turbulent weather? We don’t get bad weather like that here, but when we lived in the Midwest it was the basement in our first home and the closet under the stairs in our last home..

    *Are you more likely to alter a pattern or stick right to the instructions? Usually I stick to the pattern, but I’m altering the sweater I’m knitting right now

    *Would you rather a hottub or a cold pool? I’m not allowed in hot tub anymore because of my heart. I love them and miss them. I would choose a nice warm pool or lake now though.

    *What was the name of a pet you grew up with? Sammy our poodle.

    *How many knit dishcloths do you use, or have on hand? Around 7-8. I tend to give the ones I make away to other people.

    *Have you ever been give an trophy? Yes. I won a scholarship and also received a trophy in high school.

    *Would you rather knit, under a shady tree, poolside or beside a roaring fire? Yes. I will knit anywhere. I knit under trees at the lake in the summer, by a fire in the winter and I knit poolside yesterday. I have no preference



  7. We have a closet that was constructed to be our storm sanctuary.
    I usually follow the pattern the first time and then live it up with my ideas the second time!
    Neither thanks!
    Spooky the cat!
    I have a handful of dishcloths I use at a time but have a large reserve to dip into when I wear one out!
    I have several trophies from school for excellent grades.
    Knitting poolside is what makes me smile!


  8. 1. In tornado weather we go to an interior bathroom with no windows. We take pillows, phones, weather radio, flashlight and of course the pups. We did that just last week.
    2. I alter a lot of patterns, probably more than I stick to.
    3. I had many years of getting into a cold pool at 6:00 am for a hard workout, so I’m sure I would still prefer the cold pool.
    4. From age 9 till 22 when I left home, my fur-buddy was Tim the Jack Russell Terrier. He stayed with mom and dad when I left because he was having health problems and we thought traveling would not be good for him. I never saw him again and miss him to this day!
    5. I have 6 dish cloths on hand and one on the needles. I won’t stop until I have a dozen because Bill loves them and uses them for everything.
    6. Yes, I shared a crystal bowl trophy with a relay swimming team. It represented an Illinois State record. I don’t know if it is still in a trophy case at Wheaton College. I should check.
    7. I love knitting on my shady patio with the mister going, but the fireplace in winter would be my second choice.


  9. I read all the answers to q and a whether here or on your own blog. Katherine, what a good idea for me to have some supplies ready when weather threatens. I didnt think to bring the radio, flashlight, phones too. great tip. Thanks, I hope I never need it.


  10. Love the Q&A !
    1. We fear no storms here in SF, just how crappy California drivers, drive in them.
    2. Hmm. I think I usually stick to the pattern so I can see what the designer was thinking to understand the generic construction. I seem to “create my own” sections when I either run out of yarn or a 2nd pass.
    3. Cold pool swim. We forget that we actually “work out” and sweat during a swim and I’m redfaced fast enough even if puttering along for an endurance swim. Endurance for me by the way, just means going as long as i can without stopping and starting over again. 200 yards, 500 yards, 100 no matter. it’s what’s working.
    4. Sunshine my canary.
    5. I use my dishcloths as washcloths and I use sponges most of the time in the kitchen. But I do like a dishcloth. My parents use them.
    6. LOL yes. I remember 3 trophies distinctly from my youth. I had one in 6th grade for acing my math proficiency test. I was Softball MVP of my varsity team and most improved for my high school varsity Water Polo team. LOL whoa, take me back, I bet my Dad still has them.
    7. Tough call, but if I had to pick, shady tree poolside. DREAM CITY!


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