Crazy Layout

DSCF0594Wonderland Yarns Finish: Only Lime will Tell .  Ribbed cuff, in no way at all fancy foot.  Knitted on 2s.  48 stitches in the round.  How Much Did I like the yarn ?  Much.  Very Much.  Soft with some spring.  26 dollars though for the fancy skein.  That’s kind of a lot.  Right?

I’m not sure about the new blog layout. It is fine once you get to the newest post, but maybe all the other posts on that entry page….maybe it is too much.  I dunno.  Is it a bit crazy?

So, the big news of today is: CRAYOLA is no longer making dandelion yellow.  I don’t know who led the grass movement to kill the dandelion, but it makes me kind of sad that they messed with tradition.

I told Allison, when I heard there would be an announcement:  “It better not be Cadet Blue, my favorite color of all time”  Some things just shouldn’t be messed with.

What’s up with you on the final day of March 2017?  I’m getting my Cubs flag out.


Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

11 thoughts on “Crazy Layout”

  1. Fun socks. I’m power walking today and hopefully starting on the neckline of my jumper. Later at pick up, me and Jellybean will help her librarian at the book fair and get her sister later.


  2. Traditions shouldn’t be messed with. I had forgotten about Cadet Blue!! LOVE your socks. I think $26 is average for sock yarn that is “special.” What is the carved wooden creature? A fox???


  3. Great socks – and love your wooden bun.
    $26 doesn’t seem crazy to me… not for a really nice, hand-dyed yarn. Sure you can get Opal, or Regia a little cheaper (some times a lot cheaper if you find a good sale) – and you think. “$26 for a pair of socks!!! I can get 5 pairs at Walmart for that!”
    But look at those socks!!!! They are a masterpiece.
    And no one else has a pair like them. But with an artisan yarn… think of the care and time that’s gone into it. Not to mention the time and love you put into them…
    Those aren’t just socks…
    They are a wearable piece of art. A labour of love! An avatar of your talent and creativity!
    $26 doesn’t seem like much when you look at it that way.


  4. The socks look fab! And in my experience, that’s not a crazy expensive price for nice sock yarn. Of course, when I don’t have that $26 just hanging around, I think it’s way too expensive …

    I think the Dandelion move was a bad one – I was hoping they would go with Flesh, a color that looks like no one’s flesh EVER.

    Have a fun weekend – I’m so thrilled that baseball is back!!!


  5. I like those socks too. They turned out very nice.

    I don’t get what’s up with retiring crayons. Is it to make a rush …………everyon run out and get DANDELION!


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