Bee a Friend

DSCF0462We haven’t seen the sun since Friday.  I had to pull up a photo with some sunshine in it for my sake.  Oh March, you always get under my skin.  Be gone! In 3 days you will be over.  I’m all about the Spring now.

DSCF0580Here is my mason bee/leaf cutter bee nursery.  It is going out today.  I’m all about the bees here.  While I don’t want to raise bees for honey, I want to help the bees.  This is a simple and cheap way to help. 

These and other Mason Bee houses help the pollinators that do not sting and do not make us honey.  Nonetheless, the are key to the struggling bee population. It cost under 20 dollars.  (Beekeeping start up costs for honey are at least 500 hundred for suit, hives and smoker)  

I’m told by a local to put it out now.  The first flowers are very important for the leaf cutter and mason bees.  You are to put it up facing south or east without shade, so the little baby bees warm up early in the morning.  It should’t sway.  It should be about 2 to 3 feet off the ground near flowering spring life.  

That’s it.  The little bees will find it and put their babies in there.  You leave it alone.  The bees make a paste like nest to cover their eggs in the holes.  When you see a hole in the paste the baby has emerged .  Then you take something, say a KNITTING NEEDLE, and poke the nesting material out so the momma can come back and lay more eggs.  

You may need to cover the front in chicken wire if the birds find it and get into it.  

I hope you will BEE interested in helping the little bees in this way.  

Okay, second thing:

The TrailMarker tree society has determined that we probably  do not have a marker tree.  We measured, sent photos and communicated and they feel that since it is a wild cherry tree it is not likely a Native American marker tree.  Apparently wild cherry trees only live a hundred to at most 200 years and that means it wasn’t used by Native Americans.

They said it certainly has the characteristic bends in it, and it may have marked something for locals at one point, just not Native Americans.  I still love the tree! 


I bought cotton blend yarns for my next knit up when I traded my yarn leftovers at Needles N Pins.  I’m knitting a shawl and I’ll show it to you soon. 

That’s is from Compassionknit for today.  Hope you’ll join the bee movement with me!





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20 thoughts on “Bee a Friend”

  1. Oh my gosh …..we certainly could use some of your rain. We are SO dry.

    That bee nest is very interesting. I’ve never heard of that. I’ll say what I’ve been saying for MONTHS now ………..when we get a house……………………. LOL


  2. Love your little bee house. I need to show that to Fletch. I remember your tree from a post last Fall (I think) and it’s a great tree. I think it can be Your Marker Tree! Your cowl looks wonderful and I can’t wait to see you shawl. You are like a knitting machine these days!!


  3. Love you little bee house. I have some old bamboo stakes and was thinking about making one. Maybe I can get Dave to cut it up today.

    I have teeny tiny sprouts in ONE of my winter sow jugs. Pics will follow in a few days.


  4. Good for you to encourage the bees… around this old farm they’ve found lots of places to raise their bee babies already. Can’t wait to see your new project. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  5. I’ve never heard of such a bee house! Fascinating! I put out my humming bird feeder this month (Mar1) because they start to come back now and my feeder is covered with honey bees. I mean so many that they are keeping the hummers away! We have a serious problem with bee shortage here so I don’t want to discourage them but wow-they are overwhelming the area! Strange!


  6. Very interesting, Kathy! Sounds like our yard has too much shade though. I’m sure ready for sunshine, too. It’s been a gray and rainy winter in these parts.


  7. Lots of interesting info you shared today…me, ignorant about the bees and the trees! Thanks for enlightening me. Look forward to seeing your new yarn project! Knit on!


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