Don’t Laugh….Well, Go Ahead

DSCF0569.jpgSimply because I am stubborn, I have 5 small balls of salvaged yarn from yesterdays pull apart time.  

I worked on that sucker for 2 hours.  I simply could not get it to RUN away into frog fast fashion.  

Fireman took an entire afternoon nap while I fussed with that thing.  

I comforted myself by rationalizing that I enjoyed the knit process making it.  I made it in the Outer Banks with Al and it was perfect chatter knitting.  I wore it at least twice.  

Who was I kidding?   It still hurt when I thought what I paid for that yarn.  

So the morale of the story is: A gift baby hat in this rescued yarn is going to get more use than the shrug that sat on my shelf.  It is one expensive hat.  Right?

DSCF0563Flowers are coming up around here!  We had an awesome gentle storm last night.  And big news, today…..

I’m going to ride the trails on my bicycle with Fireman.  First time since I broke my tail bone last fall!  

I do like to end on a positive note.  


Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

14 thoughts on “Don’t Laugh….Well, Go Ahead”

  1. Lucky you — getting to ride today. Enjoy! I bet it will be beautiful. Congrats on getting that shrug pulled apart. Some baby will be very appreciative…and that’s what really matters.


  2. Can you still felt it so you get two very expensive items out of it?!?! It’s so disappointing when yarn won’t be reclaimed.

    Looks like hyacinths, right? Won’t take them long now I don’t think!

    Enjoy the bike ride! You know I highly approve!


  3. I won’t laugh. Frogging isn’t my idea of fun either. I’m sorry that you won’t get more yarn from it. Better get rid of it immediately so you won’t obsess over it. Out of sight, out of mind, if you’re like me. Have fun on the bike ride. It’s raining here again today. We have been having lots of flooding from the rapid snowmelt and lots of rain. Will spring never arrive properly? Have a lovely weekend.


  4. A nice drizzly rain here yesterday – makes it appear like Spring might be thinking of sticking around. I sure hope so!

    Enjoy your ride with Fireman.


  5. I think it’s great that you ripped out a shrug you hardly wore. If you look at all the time you spent with that yarn, it’s a bargain!
    I haven’t been on the bike yet this spring. Good for you!


  6. Whew! I’m glad I can post a comment from here. I tried from my Reader on WP and I couldn’t. It’s not just your blog. I couldn’t comment on another knitting blog that uses WP also.
    Sorry the frogs weren’t cooperating. How rude. That better be a keepsake hat for your recipients. You should make some fingerless mitss or something for yourself as well. I”m sure your ride with Fireman will be fun. Just take your time.


  7. Have a fun bike ride! That and those sprouts must mean spring is coming your way, too? We have lots of daffodils in bloom here. Brave you, to frog that shrug! Hope you end up with a great hat for your effort. Hugs from the PNW!


  8. Those little sprouts are a SURE sign that spring is on its way.

    Have fun on that bike ride. Steve and I are making a list of places to go on the bikes once life settles down a little bit.


  9. Been there, done that. Some frog. Some don’t but you don’t know until you try.
    Yay for sprouts! Now how about some mild weather…I’m still waiting. It was warmer in Feb than it is not. Boooo…..


  10. Live and learn in the knitting department. It is a constant with me even after all of these years. I am always learning mostly by what I have done wrong. It will be a great hat, and think of the fun you had just playing with the yarn. It served its purpose.


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