I Need Your Knit Advice

DSCF0552Currently on my needles, (size 2 doublepoints) : 

Wonderland Yarns “Mad Hatter” in sport weight 100%   …. superwash merino in the fun colorway : Only Lime Will Tell.  Doreen has many great colorways in this yarn in her shop at Needle N Pins.

I’m considering knitting a vest next.  My choices thus far are pretty similar in construction.  Both are sleeveless vests with almost no shaping that button under the arms to the hips, with three big buttons.  Kiss of North is Melissa Schaschwary ‘s design.  The other options is Azel by Heide May.  This pattern is similar but is a child’s pattern that I saw someone knit up in The Xl for a short adult.

This is where looking at other peoples’ comments on Ravelry projects can make or break me.

Here are my thoughts, I could probably find a nicer yarn in a heavy worsted option for Kiss of  North on size 13s.  I bet I would knit it on 11s.

If I knit Azel, Im dependent on a super bulky yarn.  It also has a turtleneck I’m not into.  Super bulkys sometimes hurt my hands.

So I’m leaning to the Kiss.  hahaha.


Author: compassionknit

I've moved from irisheyesknitters.blogspot.com to compassionknit.wordpress.com on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

15 thoughts on “I Need Your Knit Advice”

  1. They are both cool patterns (love the side buttons). But, if you don’t like turtlenecks and don’t want the bulky, I say go with Kiss of North. What color are you thinking? Only Lime Will Tell is a great color! How do socks come out knit in sport-weight on #2’s? I was just telling Fletch I want to make some thicker/heavier socks for hiking.


  2. I really like Kiss of North. The turtleneck on Azel is big and I don’t know how it would look with a different neck. I’m currently knitting Hug by Deb Hoss. It’s a vest that buttons up the back.


  3. I say stick with Kiss of North because all of the brainwork is done for you. With the other you’ll constantly worry about whether or not it’s going to turn out right. I like the side buttoning of KON. That’s neat and something I haven’t seen before. And it is always fun to buy a skein of yarn with a fun colorway name. I like it when yarn dyers take the time to name their yarns.


  4. I also like Kiss of North because I like the button placement. Your socks are great! I use size 2 dpn’s for all of my socks.


  5. I did a KAL for a vest with my old yarn shop in NC. It was the BMX by Skif….FUN!!! We all knit it with Juniper Moon Farms Sabine, a worsted weight yarn that is amazing. I loved the pattern, all Skif patterns are so much fun and open to interpretation. I ended up gifting my vest to my mom, and she loves it. I have about 5 or 6 different Skif patterns and need to get cracking on them. I don’t think the company makes knitting patterns anymore, and their knitwear costs a FORTUNE retail, so it is nice to be able to create your own.


  6. Okay I am adding my two cents whether you want it or not, I love bulky yarn and super bulky. It knits up fast and you feel like you are getting somewhere, but i HATE to wear it. It is bulky, no big surprise because that is the name, and frankly I don’t like extra bulk. That being said I have several bulky patterns on my wish list but know if I make them I will not wear them. Even on a trip to Wisconsin in the cold.


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