Spring and Babies

This little green baby hat was mailed off to a friend whose baby is due today.   It is IN THE LOOP KNITTINGS chevron hat .  A free and easy pattern.  I used some  Lorna’s laces in dark green and a multi green colorway from leftover mittens.  Very fun.  Knit it up in two nights.   The baby is a boy!


Whilst cleaning up the lawn tractor yesterday, Fireman found a mouse nest. (on the engine)  You know I hate when mice are in the house.  I know the cats will get them, but I don’t like them inside.

Outside, however, we bonded instantly.  I took some gloves and carefully put the nest in an old Easter basket right next to the tractor spot in the shed.  The shed is in the back of the wooded yard.  I’m hoping momma mouse came right back to them. First day of Spring and you find babies?  I had to try to help them.  Makes no sense right?

I also moved some daffodils that were under some yews and were coming up.  I’m 99% sure they’ll make it in their new spot.

I’ll keep you posted.  Any babies by you?


Author: compassionknit

I've moved from irisheyesknitters.blogspot.com to compassionknit.wordpress.com on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

12 thoughts on “Spring and Babies”

  1. UPdate my pals:: EEny Meeny Miney MO and Catch a tiger were all gone this morning! MOmma must have moved them from the easter basket I left them in . I hope they are all snuggled somewhere together!!


  2. Oh I bet they are in a new cozy place. I don’t like them in the house…and I don’t really like them outside, but I bet I would’ve saved the babies too. One year when we went up to the lake in Vermont early and opened the camp for my Mom’s friend, there was a nest of mice in the oven…which we discovered when my Mom turned the oven on. Yikes! They scampered out quickly. The birds are all singing mating songs…Spring is here!!


  3. Lots of baby calves in the fields around here – so cute and playful with each other.

    I’m still knitting baby hats from Kathy E.’s scrap sock yarn, but none as fancy as the one you made. It’s adorable!


  4. You have such a sweet heart!!!! That was a good thing you did to relocated the babies.

    Ohhhh, that baby hat. How adorable is that!!! Hope the little one arrives soon to enjoy his new hat.


  5. That’s a perfect March hat! No babies here unless you count flowers. Lots of daffodils are in full bloom now. Too bad Mama Mouse didn’t leave you a note!


  6. Cute hat!
    I would have done the same with the mice. They have done tons of damage here pre-cats but I still can’t hurt them.


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